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Thursday Linky Goodness

Hillary telling the truth is more dangerous than Honest Abe telling a lie. So Deitrich Bonhoeffer would argue:

“It is worse for a liar to tell the truth than for a lover of truth to tell a lie.”

Miguel Guanipa over at American Thinker uses this statement of Bonhoeffer’s to argue that Hillary’s habits of untruth make her moments of truth less than pristine and likely coldly calculated attempts to manipulate based on truth which supports her. Not based on her support of the truth.

A “falling away is worse than a falling down”. In other words, when a person who regularly speaks the truth utters a lie, he is merely suffering from a temporary lapse of judgment. In all likelihood he will be tempted and have recurrent lapses like these throughout his life; but the general direction in which he conducts his life will be one disposed towards honesty; he has merely “fallen down”.

On the other hand, when someone who is a chronic liar speaks the truth, it is not necessarily a sign of improvement, but a calculated attempt — by one who has mastered the art deceit — to manipulate the truth for his or her own purposes,. This act, which on its face may look like a valiant attempt at reformation, denotes instead a singularly pernicious kind of wickedness.

The Liar and the Bulldog apparently clean their YouTube channels of less than positive comments. From Verum Serum.

Hugh Hewitt asks if it would kill Time, or Harry Reid, or Nancy Pelosi, or any on the Left to give a “well done” to the American Military and it’s members.

With thanks to WC:

…And the Velvet Hammer:

*shudder*To think there are people who think this is good.

Who Do I Read?

This is an abbreviated static blogroll listing the many blogs I read each day now. I use the Google Reader to do my viewing and skim over 100 (possibly 200) articles each day (I love my job) and read the full contents of probably 20-30 articles throughout each day. It’s a replacement for talk radio to me as I work a help desk job, but it’s different because I can comment and post and follow threads through multiple blogs to find wildly divergent views.

First there are the “Friend” blogs, these aren’t actually people I know personally, but they are personal bloggers, not the big blogs which can become victims of their own success in the impersonal crowds of commentators. Sorted alphabetically, mostly.

The other few blogs are the large ones I read. These together publish as many articles as all the others combined in any given day.