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Way Of The Master: How To Witness To Gays

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort of the Way Of The Master visit San Francisco and make some excellent points which each Christian should hear regarding Homosexuality.

Of particular interest is there advice that you are to witness to a person with homosexual desires the same way you witness to anybody else. To God all sin is the same. There are physical, emotional, psychological, and most importantly, spiritual consequences to all sin.

The solution is the same for all sin too.

So why should our tactics change?

On Abortion

If morality is the point here, and if it’s right or wrong, not just a political question, then you can’t have 50 different versions of what’s right and what’s wrong” Mike Huckabee

Going to a humanistic but practical definition of the Moral Good outlined by a Philosophy professor I took a class with:

Moral good is a quality of the action or intention of a free and knowing agent, which action/intention adds/preserves the physical i.e.biological, psychological, economic, etc–whatever is “natural”(to the object) good of some natural whole such as humans and other species in some rational subordination to human and with keeping in mind the distinction between essential goods and incidental (trivial) goods.

In the issue of Abortion, are there some benefits which are essential and some which are trivial? In a relative scale, a continuum, are there some benefits which are better than others?

What are the benefits of Abortion as defined by it’s supporters?

  • Health of the mother.
  • Protection of the victim in cases of rape and/or incest.
  • Protection from abuse of the mother and/or an unwanted child.
  • Protection of those who are going to abort anyways by providing safe/legal environment to have it performed.
  • Preventing deformed and handicapped children from having a less worthwhile life.
  • Quality of life of the rest of the family.
  • Happiness.

To these I would add protection of the perpetrators of rape and incest.

What are a few of the problems with Abortion? The anti-goods. This list is very short. I wanted general categories rather than specifics.

  • Abortion kills human life.
  • Abortion causes physical and emotional issues in the mothers.
  • Abortion destroys potential.

Now, compare any other these items in these two lists, the “goods” against the “bads”, and is there a case where the “goods” are morally superior to the “bads”? For the sake of our discussion, how do the list of “goods” and “bads” line up on the continuum from essential to trivial?

In the extreme case, perhaps the strongest, most emotionally charged arguments for Abortion are those involving rape and incest and the life of the mother. How do these cases compare in the essential to trivial continuum with those against Abortion?

I would submit that killing a human to resolve an ugly, evil situation such as rape or incest does not mitigate the evil of the original situation nor the lasting consequences of it. If anything, adding the guilt of murder to an already traumatized victim cannot be a safe course of action.

And what of the child? The child has no say in the circumstances of it’s conception. The child could well be a prodigy, it could be special needs, it could be normal and unique like all other children. With special needs children, any person who can look at such a child and not be struck both the intense love such a child needs and is capable of reciprocating, is sorely lacking in humanity. The point is, to unjustly cut off the potential of any child at any point is a grave mistake and a crime with few equals.

Therefore, comparing the competing cases, we see that on the continuum, any benefit to the mother to be attained by killing her child would be trivial compared to the essential goods to be attained in the potential of that child.

And what of the idea that another child could rob the older children of some of their owed love from their parents? Is love a zero-sum game, where there is a set and finite amount of love contained in this world, that to add to those who need love we subtract from the total available to any other? To believe that is to believe a lie, an obvious and tawdry lie. A child both receives love and gives love, adding to the total love in a family. Love is not, cannot be, selfish. We experience love when we are not even the direct or intended recipients of it. To witness love is to feel love and experience it. As older children observe their parents giving of themselves, selflessly, to a new and dependent child, they can understand true love as it is modeled for them.

Finally, what of happiness? Is a smaller family a happier family? Are children likely to be aborted more likely to experience unhappy lives? It is true that abortion primarily appeals to poor and minority families (Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was a documented White Supremacist and supported eugenics and abortion as methods of controlling what she deemed to be unworthy aspects of society), but are these necessarily unhappy families? If even one of the children may experience a happy family, basic decency demands we give that child the chance to experience that life. And not every child who experiences an unhappy child will necessarily experience an unhappy adulthood. We are not automatons completely dependent on our situations and histories. Instead, we have choice in how we respond and react to each of our situations. To deny the chance that child may grow up to use their troubled history as a springboard to launch them into the far reaches of achievement in society and culture. Or do you have so little faith in humanity?

Abortion is wrong, evil, hateful, arrogant, stupid, and blind.

More Gender Roles Musings

My English critical thinking class seems to be in the full swing of the gender roles discussion; it is our first essay! This follows a rhetorical analysis paper we did on an excerpt (from “Gender Blending: Confronting the Limits of Duality) about what is ‘masculine’ and what is ‘feminine’ in North America and the social schemas of man and woman; authored by Aaron Devor (published 1989). I honestly have no issues with his writing because it is well organized with an introduction, arguments, body defining ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ and a conclusion. He makes real observations and sound contrasting between the gender roles but it is with his conclusion that I have issue as it is far too short. He takes all of time to set the reader up properly and he concludes that the gender schemes are a matter of, “systematic power imbalances based on gender discrimination.” While I can tolerate his lack of articulation with such a huge idea, and agree with him, I believe I better sum it up with (keep in mind I’m writing it to context):

“In conclusion America was originally established as a patriarchal system in which male attributes were valued more than women attributes and because of this women have been wrongfully discriminated against. Still to this day in the 21st century America witnesses to the discrimination of women in the workplace, politics, civil rights and religion because of the gender schema placed on each sex. While there is still more work to be done in releasing ourselves from these gender schemes we must appreciate how far America, and even the world, has come and it is important to look back over the past to see what successes have been made.”

With that said I will jump to the classes’ interaction on this topic. As the except was analyzed in groups you got the feeling that people were mostly in agreeance with Devor but couldn’t quite seem to associate with what he was stating. For example, we could all agree that ‘masculine’ was being powerful, of prowess, forthright and ‘feminine’ was subdued, polite, and reserved but we couldn’t agree to how that actually applied to today. Devor’s writing would have us believe that the sexes are still in competition to one another versus both sexes complimenting one another. The teacher seemed a little concerned we weren’t getting the message as each student spoke up and explicitly or implicitly stated the gender roles have been blended and blurred. Followed was a student’s comment on how old the except was, “Near twenty years,” and how old Devor’s references were, some thirty years old which was agreed makes a big difference in context. I could see the light shining through slowly that everyone wasn’t buying the line. And then it finally hit me and I put in my voice.

“It isn’t that what is ‘feminine’ and what is ‘masculine’ has changed, as if that was the problem all along, it that’s as a society we value both gender roles more equally. Rather than these roles being in competition for value they are viewed today as complimenting one another and thus more equally valued.”

With this you could tell the final nail was sunk into the coffin of any hopes to bemoan the fact that there is such a thing as ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’. Many of the students followed with agreeance in their own ways. The African man piped up and said in his thick accent, “Yes, because with my parents my mom stayed home and cared for the children while my dad worked and fed the family. But it is not like that anymore, because in my family at the end of the month I ask my wife, ‘What bills are you paying and what bills am I paying’?” The teacher voiced her opinion that she was unsure of this fact and readmitted the question testing to see if we were sure the gender roles are more equally valued. Again more students reaffirmed what everyone and myself had been saying. I brought up the example of the show, “Queer Eye For The Sight Guy,” in which men favorably take on ‘feminine’ traits of manners, communication, thoughtfulness, etc and this is far more accepted today. It is also far more acceptable for women to reject men forthright and state their opinions.

Class was coming to a close and our teacher had to hand out the essay one topic. As I packed my items away I listened to her describe the coming writing task. We are to take Devor’s writing and compare it to one of today’s TV shows and see if his observations have remained true. Immediately this took me as very odd. I’d think an honest essay would examine whether or not Devor’s except is applicable at all to today, not some TV show. So I said my thoughts, “That seems a little odd in that Devor’s except is an honest examination of the ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ genders in real life in North America but TV shows are purely an exaggeration of life. This assumes that TV shows actually represent real life today, which is not true as they take the highlights and make a show about it; like Seinfeld.” She replied quickly, “But that’s a comedy what about ‘Gray’s Anatomy’?” Hoping I’d think that was more real. However, I rejected that and replied, “When I was becoming an EMT I was in an ER room and it was extremely boring and the coolest thing that happened that night was a kid came in with a broken arm,” the classroom laughed as I continued, “and there was no such thing as adulterous affairs, arguments, gun shot wounds all in one shift. It is exaggerated and so are ‘reality shows’.” She couldn’t reply to this as we in a previous class discussed how fantastical shows such as Survivor were because of all the editing.

Luckily for the teacher time was up and we were all ready to leave and she dismissed us with the promise to continue this in the next session. Nevertheless, I believe I made a sound argument for not using TV in such an analytical essay. So we shall see, if she will not change her mind I will use such shows as, “Sex In The City” and “Will And Grace” to illustrate how much American has changed. Therefore, in conclusion it is not about the wiping away of what is ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’ the argument that we should be discussing is how each is valued. The fact is there is male and there is female and they are both different and similar and both are needed to complete the circle of life within a family and community. I believe America and other societies, should be more dynamic in their blending of the genders but still respect the fact that we are man and woman. An example of this is in my own house, I often will do the house chores while my wife will tend to her business. I have no problem with it and nor does she. I don’t feel any less masculine nor does she feel any less feminine. There are many example of this in our marriage yet I remain the husband and she remains the wife with love and respect.

Political Blog Comment Spammers

Behind the scenes, every day, a plugin on this blog protects against comment spam. As of this writing there have been over 550 spam comments caught and deleted by Akismet. My blog, being as it is a little ways off the high-traffic areas of the information super highway, gets relatively little spam, but still 142 legitimate comments compared with 553 spam… Let’s just say I really appreciate Akismet, and you should too.

But there are times when apparently legitimate sites use comment spam to attempt to drive traffic to themselves illegitimately and under false pretense. Consider this comment posted under my review of the movie Flushed Away:

Faction 3 | faction3.us
You cant imagine how much money they spend trying to silence good people who will put their lives on the line to fight for change.

I think you can agree this has nothing to do with the movie I was reviewing here. This comment was not flagged as spam and the only thing that caught my attention was the fact that it really had nothing to do with the article. I checked out faction3.us and found they had a prominent article on Net Neutrality, on which I had written. So I proceeded to look through my site for the article I’d written on Net Neutrality, assuming the poster had just mistakenly posted on the wrong article. So then I checked my spam list in the admin section and found two other posts were caught as spam, one from Faction3.us and one from congresscheck.com. Both these posts are in the form of raps filled with both lingual and mental ignorance, vulgarity, and evil. I’ve included them here, edited only for lingual vulgarity. Please proceed at your own discretion.

NOTE: I decided to post these to illustrate that it is not just mental slavery we battle politically but spiritual slavery at the heart of that mental slavery. The heart is full of sin and deception and the lips speak out of the fullness of that lost heart.

Congress Check | congresscheck.com

I see a message from the government, like every day
I watch it, and listen, and call em all suckas
They warnin me about Osama or whatever
Picture me buyin this scam I said never
You in tune to a Hard Truth soldier spittin
I stay committed gives a f*** to die or lose commission
Its all a part of fightin devil state mind control
And all about the battle for your body, mind and soul
And now Im hopin you dont close ya mind – so they shape ya
Dont forget they made us slaves, gave us AIDS and raped us
Another Bush season mean another war for profit
All in secret so the public never think to stop it
The Illuminati triple six all connected
Stolen votes they control the race and take elections
Its the Skull and Bones Freemason kill committee
See the Dragon gettin s*****er in every city


And the other from Faction3.us:

 Faction 3 | faction3.us

Now ask yourself whos the people with the most to gain (Bush)
fore 911 motherf****s couldnt stand his name (Bush)
Now even n****s wavin flags like they lost they mind
Everybody got opinions but dont know the time
Cause Amerikkkas been took – its plain to see
The oldest trick in the book is make an enemy
A phony evil so the government can do its dirt
And take away ya freedom lock and load, beat and search
Aint nothin changed but more colored people locked in prison
These pigs still beat us, but it seem we forgettin
But I remember fore September how these devils do it
F*** Giuliani ask Diallo how he doin
We in the streets holla jail to the thief follow
F*** wavin flags bring these dragons to they knees
Oil blood money makes these killers ride cold
Suspicious suicides people dyin never told
Its all a part of playin God so ya think we need em
While Bin Ashcroft take away ya rights to freedom
Bear witness to the sickness of these dictators
Hope you understand the time brother cause its major


I was sobered when I first read these in their repugnant glory. Not only is it sad that there are those who believe such terrible falsehoods and are deceived in such astounding ways, but it is sad that they are able to make those beliefs so public on their own blogs. The internet is free and the truth is more than capable of standing up on its own in the face of even the most devious lies and assaults, so I have no fear there. But it gives an importance to my own small efforts here to spread the truth, shining the light to dispel the demons of ignorance.

You better believe I think I’m a crusader!