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Technical Stuff

I’ve been playing around with technical stuff on the site lately.

IntenseDebate was good as far as comment management goes, but there were some comments that seemed to slip through the cracks, and the RSS feed started showing REALLY old comments.

A few people had mentioned Disqus, so I switched yesterday.

It has been a pain. Poorly done, a lot of tedious cut and paste and copy and edit stuff I didn’t have to do in IntenseDebate, And their help is hard to find. so I’ll be switching back shortly.

And then Windows Live Writer.

I’m writing this post on Windows Live Writer.

First impressions: it’s ambitious. Very ambitions.

A familiar but simplified interface that allows easy posting to a blog of multiple forms of content.

And they even try making the edit window look like your blog live, which is a cool feature. Except it didn’t work.

I need to piece through my blog theme code to see why, but the white background which takes a little longer than the rest of the page to load only shows up as a white bar across the top of the Writer window, and I’m stuck writing all this content on a dark grey background.

Not an optimal situation, to be sure.

But, if I had a white background or otherwise more compatible theme, it would be a pretty cool setup.

Now to see how well it posts this to the actual site…

UPDATE: It worked pretty well. I must say. Impressive Microsoft. Now if only you could make a web browser that’s actually worthwhile…

UPDATE: Sorry Ben, Arne, and KOR, your comments were lost in the inability of Disqus to manage an export and a 500 error or two caused by my hosts limitations (hear that 1and1?). Feel free to add the comments again…

UPDATE: Found your comments. Everything should be up to date, and I found the latest comment widget and it works better than the RSS.