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Shared Experience Or Spoiled Memory?

This video is great fun to watch, and I can only imagine how much fun it would’ve been to be at that wedding and experience it myself.

Imagine if wedding had occurred before Youtube. The guests would’ve been thrilled and then they’d’ve gone home. The stories would’ve spread as people tried it at their own weddings with their own special twists. Thousands of weddings and millions of friends and families may have experienced the fun and special memories of these special occasions.

As it is, there have been a few copy cats (including The Office) but each time you know that it is a copy, and you judge it against the original. They may have their own spark of creativity and deserve commendation but you would’ve judged them. They aren’t the original and they will all be judged for that, and the memories will be spoiled.

Not that progress, the internet, and Youtube aren’t wonderful, amazing, and worthwhile things, but I think we need to be careful how we allow Youtube and this eternally connected and sharing generation influence our lives and our experiences.

Don’t let Youtube spoil your memories.

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I’m Busy

Before I left I scheduled articles from iPandora history…

…for next week.


I’m in Dallas working on preparations for the wedding, and I don’t know what kind of internet I’ll have over the next few days. It’s dial-up right now.

She’s marrying me for the high-speed. 🙂

So best wishes to all y’all in Bloggerville on this hot August beginning.

And to the rest of y’all, keep up to articles. I’ll be back a better man for having a mate.