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The Sun Is Shining

Scientists are now saying global warming is paused, for as long as 10 years.

They just really can’t let go of the power of fear that has been wielded over fearful people for far too long.

Reading the comments to this article, I was pleasantly surprised that clear-headed and free-thinking individuals seemed to dominate the conversation decrying the repressive and power-grubbing aims of politically motivated science.

London Telegraph: Global Warming May ‘Stop’ – Scientists Predict

The Supreme Court thinks it’s just fine to require people to prove who they are when they vote. There is no significant disenfranchisement which would offset the benefits and necessity of such minor and completely acceptable requirements.

Understandably there are some who are very sure they’ll be disenfranchised. They should just remember to take their wallets with them as they head out to vote.

And Larry Kudlow says this recession was rather… um.. recessive. And that bodes well for conservatives.

This election is meaningful as ever. Even if we don’t have the perfect guy (busy blaming Michael Medved and my friend Jay) we have much more than just a man in the office we’re fighting for.