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This Week, Vista Redux

American Texan and I purchased a car on Monday. A 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander with 14,500 miles on it. It’s white, gets good gas mileage, handles OK for my tastes, is the first automatic transmission vehicle I’ve had in a long time, and is the first car I’ve purchased which cost more than any one of my computers.

On Wednesday evening American Texan cut the side of the tip of her finger, through her nail. Nice sharp new knives of unfamiliar shapes and abilities tend to be dangerous. The emergency room and hand specialists for 5 hours are a wearing ordeal. Now for the insurance and the hospital bill.

On Saturday (tomorrow) we have our Chicago-area wedding reception.

And I reinstalled Vista on my computer.

Actually, I did that two weeks ago now.

Vista Ultimate 64bit.

It runs.

Programs and drivers are now compatible. I like enough of the features to keep it. And the fact that my wife’s new laptop runs the same version gives me a good reason to upgrade now. I like as similar a network topography as possible to ease administration and system management.

Vista does not really have any compelling reasons to keep it besides it’s additional security (which I turn off most of the visible elements) and it’s volume controls.

I would not pay money for Vista, but if it is not an option, such as a new computer, I would only purchase the Ultimate edition, which is incredibly overpriced except as an included option.

But I am actually running Vista and am happy with it for the time being. Now I just need to wait 18 more months for Windows 7. I’m currently trying to decide how I’ll score cheap copies of that one.