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We Don’t Believe Anything…

…come believe it with us.

Spotted on the website of a  “church” hightlighted on QueerVisalia.com: Spiritual Awareness Center.

A thriving community of joyous people celebrating
the spiritual magnificence of everyone!

What more painfully pointless existence than one that has to actually choose to believe something as inane and obviously meaningless as “the spiritual magificence of everyone”?

Something I am extremely grateful to God for is the meaning and purpose completely inherent in every pursuit of Him.

I don’t have to celebrate my own spiritual magnificence, because my spiritual significance is trash. Pure and unadulterated rubbish. Paul felt the same way: filthy rags he labeled his own best effort.

Instead, I sign my name on the line that says I serve the God of gods, the Lord of lords, the King of kings, the Maker and Author, the Completer and Finisher of all things that ever have been and ever will be, and all things beyond that. He takes my garbage and tosses it. And I live in the righteousness of His Son.

Forget “spiritual magnificence”, I’ve got Jesus.

He’ll whip your “spiritual magificence” into the deepest part of hell twice a day and three times on Sunday.

Support Dollar Tree

Found this on a pro-homosexual blog from the California Central-Valley city of Visalia:

I found this through a member of the International Court System emails.

Can you believe a company can actually get away with this?

I choose not to shop here until they change their policies and who knows. Maybe I will take my business elsewhere from now on.


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