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The Wisdom Of Tom Clancy

Big Plans: Obama and Pelosi
Big Plans: Obama and Pelosi

Jack Ryan, hero of most of the books penned by author Tom Clancy, is given words which President Obama and most, if not all, of the leadership in Washington DC and state capitols across this great nation would do well to hear and heed.

In The Sum Of All Fears Jack Ryan encounters a powerful member of the current administration and gives them a reality check on what they’d been considering:

(T)he most dangerous trap in government service. You start to think that your wishes to make the world a better place supersede the principles under which our government is support to operate.

The government of the United States of America operates under the constraints and the controls of the Constitution of the United States of America.

The strength of the United States of America is that we believe that no man is above the law. No member of the government, no matter how high or powerful, can escape this.

That’s why former President Clinton was impeached, he broke the law by lying before a Grand Jury.

That’s why there are governors and legislators and mayors and bureaucrats of all types in prison, because their position does not free them from the constraints of the law.

The Constitution, a document of purpose and power, is the real strength behind this American Experiment. And to the extent we ignore the conditions of the Constitution, we weaken it. And to the extent we weaken it, we weaken our nation. And to the extent we weaken our nation, we’re traitors.

Dreamers can be leaders, but we remain a strong nation only when our leaders stay within the bounds of their responsibility.