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What I’ve Been Up To


Yes, I’m one of “those” people. Texting to the world.

I think the moment that most symbolizes the power of twitter was when an average lady sent a direct message to a CNN newsman. No email address, mailing address, or phone number necessary.

There was also the moment when another average lady stood up and took charge and lead a massive “melt the phones” drive when the House was debating and voting on the stimulus package. Together we helped get the info on shaky representatives being pressured to support the travesty and we put pressure and support to them to buck up and stand strong.

The resulting vote tallies with every single Republican and several Democrats voting against theĀ  bailout was a testament to the strength in concentrated power.

Twitter does it’s best to limit us arbitrarily.

#TCOT is a hash tag used to feed all the messages sent by the group Top Conservatives On Twitter, and it feeds tens of thousands of messages each day. By far the largest and most active feed, and Twitter refuses to acknowlege that power in it’s trends pages.

But we continue to stand and shout, and it’s fun.

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