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Dreams Are Cold

Lois Lane, finding herself in her hero/lovers arms for the first time in 5 too-long years says quietly “I’d forgotten how warm you are.” Superman is, after all, a man. He’s just, well… super.

The movie aside, why do we live in dreams? What is it about what-ifs and might’ve-beens that makes feel so warm inside. “When I was a child…” starts off the stereotypical father- or grandfatherly advice. “Don’t you remember when…” is the soft chiding of an old friend. “Hey, remember that time we…” is the standard greeting of a buddy at the reunion. For beings who cannot move through time at will we sure do keep gazing fondly through that dimension.

Dreams are cold and memories chilly. They are not for dwelling in. The arctic is for studying (from afar and in well-warmed rooms). There are people who become bitter at the world because it will not stop still for them. The saying goes you keep putting it off until tomorrow and all you’ll end up with is a bunch of empty yesterdays. As you’re climbing life’s ladders and you reach the top, will you look back and see nothing but empty rungs?

Not to say that dreams and memories are wrong and bad, they can help keep us close to those we love, they teach us when there are no teachers around, they protect us when the present seems to dark to bear. But they only have meaning and purpose when they are used in the present to protect and brighten the future. Yes, Superman left his lover jilted when he left to see if he might find a place he felt he could belong, and his dreams were cold. What he found at the end was that it was his place to be lonely, the Pandora of Pandora’s, and yet to be loved by an entire world and felt as their own by each and every one of them. And Lois found that in dwelling on the slight she forgot the hero, and it served neither of them well.