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Now That It’s All Done: Voting Security

The election is good and past. I think they’ve made up their minds in Minnesota too. Or at least corruption and dirty politiking have made their minds for them, and a wierd and strange funny man gets to play Mr. Smith.

Now Republicans in St. Paul (when will the ACLU sue the city for it’s name, and what about San Francisco?) are trying to beat down the common man and disenfranchise those less fortunate by trying to mandate, on the federal level, photo ID for voting.

I hope you caught the irony of that last bit. I think the goal is laudable and completely worthwhile. I have to have a state-issued photo ID to fly. Is the security of the electoral process worth less than a full Southwest flight?

I still think that the credit card companies ought to be given a chance to run an election. It would probably cost less for them to do it too.