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The Dark Ones

It is not the quiet ones who go on to commit heinous crimes, it’s the dark ones.

After a crime such as a school shooting or the like, the neighbors and acquaintances are trotted out on TV saying they always wondered about this person. A phrase they usually use is that they were quiet.

I know quiet people who are just in a shell which needs a little cracking, they aren’t potential murderers, they’re just thinkers.

It is not the quiet ones who kill, it is the dark ones. A darkness of the heart so deep it can be seen in the eyes. Usually mistaken for pain, it is a festering rot which requires great and heroic effort by those around them to draw out.

What troubles me is the inability to describe this sin on the part of those around them. I would submit that the vast majority of those around actually did not see anything which concerned them too greatly, in the glare of the limelight however they speak with sagacity and deep import.

No one wants to be the idiot.

In contrast, a friend of mine told me he knew the murderer at the mall in Omaha. They grew up in the same neighborhood and while they were not friends, per se, they were acquaintances. He commented to me this boy was the darkest person he ever knew. That is an accurate assessment.

We don’t recognize the rot of sin because we’re all in it. A caring, loving individual would see the problem and it would be a true test of their care and love to seek to intervene in that life.

Those in a dark room don’t have the perspective to see how dark others are. As noted in the Bible:

He who fails to find Me, injures himself,
All who hate Me love death.
Proverbs 8:36 (ESV)

Now wait a minute, we say. The audacity of that claim is appalling. We know plenty of people who do not believe in God and yet are good people who would never kill or commit crimes like those we see around us.

But if God is life, and not just life, but Life. The epitome of vitality. The very essence of Being. Then to not know Him is to not know life. To not follow Him is to not follow life. And to not love Him is to not love life.

God does not accept ambivalence toward Himself.

Therefore, those who are around us living life as they feel they ought instead of how God directs are suffering from the same root condition as those who have killed without mercy.

Our responsibility to them is the same: we must show them Christ. Show them a way out of their lives of quiet (or in our modern world: hurried) desperation.

God’s responsibility is the same as well: accept repentance, shower mercy and grace, and when necessary, dispense judgment.

Bald Eagle No Longer At Risk

One of the most high-profile species was removed from the Endangered Species List a few weeks ago. The bald eagle has been listed since 1967, but removed last week.

Why was the Bald Eagle endangered? Many say the species significant declines in the 1950s and 1960s were primarily as a result of DDT poisoning. In, “Our National Bird Returns,” Harold Brown says “the truth is eagles were in danger long before then, most likely as the result of indiscriminate shooting.”

For example, he notes that “More than 100,000 eagles were killed in the Alaskan Territory between 1917 and 1950 for bounties ranging from 50 cents to $2 each.”

Today, in Georgia, the eagle population is increasing each year. Ninety-four were seen in the 2005-2006 nesting sea­son, with an additional 120 young eagles. “The recovery of this national symbol is a clear indication of our environmental progress…”

The Culture Cries, Common Sense Dies

A Professor of Financial Accounting at Emmanuel College in Boston was fired after acting out a brief skit in which he pretended to be the murderous young man at Virginia Tech, and then had one of his students pretend to have a firearm of their own, shooting him and ending his rampage.

(Professor Nicholas) Winset said he gave students a disclaimer before he started his Virginia Tech re-enactment, which involved him pointing a Magic Marker at students and saying, “Pow.” He then had another student shoot him with an imaginary gun to make the point that Cho could have been stopped by another student with a firearm.

Professor Winset was notified in a single page letter delivered by courier:

“You are hereby directed not to enter the College campus or any College owned property at any time for any reason,” the letter states. “Also enclosed . . .is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts form, How to File for Unemployment Insurance Benefits.”

He has since spoken out on YouTube regarding his dismissal.

Quotes above are from the article “Professor axed for VT stunt: Re-enacted tragedy to tout pro-gun perspective” published in the Boston Herald.

Also in the Rational Review.