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President Obama bowing to the Saudis

His handlers ought to be shot, and he ought to go back to Junior High. Seriously, do the people he’s chosen to help him lead the greatest nation on God’s green earth have THIS little sense?

An iPod for Queenie

Same thing. Whoever allowed such an imbecilic,  puerile gift to even make it on Air Force 1 ought to have their head checked. Against a wall. By a good hockey player. Repeatedly.


The amount the US is paying is skyrocketing and I’m going to be paying less. This doesn’t add up.

Having a son


Projects I’m working on

The CEF Chicago website: www.cefchicago.org

And a new website for my old church: (not done enough to show)

Something I’m frustrated about

That the Chicago Tea Party is being co-opted by (kinda conservative) radio station WLS for the political benefit of their own Dan Proft, a beneficiary of no-bid contracts in Cicero, a recovering corrupt town, with aspirations of being governor of Illinois.

This is turing from grassroots to gasroots.