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May We Always Be Happy…

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…and may our enemies always know it.

Thanks to Sarah Palin for this gem of an Irish blessing.

Here’s to the happiness of being the true lovers of liberty!

Having an accurate view of the world, even if our enemies would call it dour and depressing, is the best foundation for getting on with life, laughing at what we can, and crying at what we must. And always, always, always striving for what is best, what is right, and what is good.

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FYI: IMHO Palin No Dummy

The demonization of Sarah Palin post-election loss is spurred by two things:

  1. People who have believed the media mischaracterizations and lies regarding her. How many have read the uncut transcripts of her interviews and seen how much they differ from the aired versions? If I were a judge I’d consider that serious grounds for libel, slander, and defamation.
  2. People who think that muderate political vision (intentional, anyone remember BC comics that far back?) combined with a weak message and campaign are not to blame for failure in the face of such an alternative as we had this election.

Just sayin’.

I don’t know the future, but from where I stand I’ll be very ready to welcome Sarah back in 4 years. Lets start the Jindal/Palin train right here.

McCain/Palin No Messiah Either

Some good and sane friends of mine have professed their decision to support a third party candidate on the contention he is a closer match to their own beliefs.

It struck me in reading their comments that just as many in America are looking toward Barack Obama as a messianic figure of boundless ability, there are many conservatives looking to Washington with too much longing and desire.

McCain/Palin can no more be expected to be capable of delivering on many of their campaign promises than can Barack/(whoever he’s running with). Neither can any of the third-party candidates be trusted to perform most of their promises.

And it is our mindless braying for salvation from Washington DC that feeds these pols need to fill our hungry little mouths with meaningless lies.

Even many conservatives have fallen prey to the temptation to vote ourselves pieces of the pie. Our desired pieces are just not necessarily monetary.

Our true Savior, Jesus, is the only one deserving of the desire and hope pinned on our candidates. To put it anywhere else is to commit idolatry and to set ourselves up for the failure of our hopes and dreams.

When our hope is in the Lord, we are less likely to put a false or unhealthy amount of hope in humans. We are anchored to the only Rock which cannot be moved. The inherent property of the Rock that is Jesus is that it cannot be moved.

No matter the storms of time, that Rock ever has and ever shall hold firm.

With a steady Rock to stand on, I am free to take the long view.

I do not need to look for salvation from Washington DC because I know real help comes from above.

Up Is Down

A Network World online poll poses the question:

“Hacking into Sarah Palin’s e-mail is…”

1) Wrong under any circumstances
2)Justified given the circumstances
3)We don’t know enough yet

This isn’t a political question, it’s a moral question: “Is action X correct or not?”

A moral person would have little issue declaring that it is wrong to crack email accounts unless there is some criminal action to be detered by doing so and that specific foreknowledge of that criminal action would be somewhat necessary to justify the cracking.

At the time of publising, 2,532 people had responded and only just over half chose the first option.

13% said that we do not know enough yet, 51% said it’s always wrong, and fully 36% said that the crack was justified.

Currently the voting is at 2,822 respondents, and the results are still virtually unchanged.

Over 1/3 of respondents, who, we can assume, are mostly professionals in technology and business, believe it is OK that Sarah Palin’s email was cracked. They are ‘Contributing members of society’, not high-school drop-outs or bachelors living in their mothers basements.

It ought also be safe to assume that generally, it is supporters of Barack Hussein Obama and those against John McCain and Sarah Palin who support these actions in this circumstance.

I fear seeing a similar poll questioning how one would feel if it were a prominent Socialist or Democrat whose email was hacked.

I am afraid for America.

What I Feel

About life? It is good. Hard, but good. What is good is usually hard. And the harder it is, the more good it can be.

About Palin? Good. Energizing and popular. And right. In more ways than one.

About Obama? I’d like to feel more confident, but there are many people who still believe him and think he’s the answer. I’d only like to know what they think the question is.

About McCain? He’s got history, and apparently he knows who his biggest base of supporters are. The rest we can work with.

About America? It’s still the greatest nation on God’s green earth.

About God? I’m just glad He chose to bring me to His side.

About my wife? I am still in awe that she said yes, three times.