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Michael Savage Takes on C.A.I.R.

WASHINGTON – It’s no longer just a charge of copyright violation in the case of Michael Savage v. Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Now the radio talk star is going for the legal jugular in his battle with the group that bills itself as a Muslim civil rights organization.

The San Francisco-based talker has amended his lawsuit against CAIR for misusing audio clips of his show as part of a boycott campaign against his three-hour daily program to include charges the group “has consistently sought to silence opponents of violent terror through economic blackmail, frivolous but costly lawsuits, threats of lawsuits and abuses of the legal system.”

The amended lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Northern California, also charges CAIR with using extortion, threats, abuse of the court system, and obtaining money via interstate commerce under false and fraudulent circumstances – calling it a “political vehicle of international terrorism” and even linking the group with support of al-Qaida.

The federal government recently named CAIR, based in Washington, D.C., as an unindicted co-conspirator in an alleged scheme to funnel $12 million to the terrorist group Hamas.

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Its about damn time I hear about some good news from the west coast. Michael Savage, the truly conservative radio talk show host you love or hate, has taken the Council on American-Islamic Relations to court for getting several of his sponsors to boycott his show based on false information. On top of that Michael has amended his lawsuit to include charges of effectively supporting Hamas and other terrorist groups! Groups such as CAIR and the ACLU are just fronts for ill intent and its about damn time someone took them on who was in the media.

Way Of The Master: How To Witness To Gays

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort of the Way Of The Master visit San Francisco and make some excellent points which each Christian should hear regarding Homosexuality.

Of particular interest is there advice that you are to witness to a person with homosexual desires the same way you witness to anybody else. To God all sin is the same. There are physical, emotional, psychological, and most importantly, spiritual consequences to all sin.

The solution is the same for all sin too.

So why should our tactics change?

Distinguishing Reality From Fantasy

In this information age where anything anyone knows can be known by anybody else nearly instantaneously it becomes increasingly difficult to cut through the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) and find the truth. When everyone has a bully pulpit, the truth often gets shouted down, lies being so much more alluring. It is common and popular to claim that artists and writers, when they espouse what are considered conservative viewpoints or opinions, are not qualified to speak on such topics. Just as it is popular to hear oracles from god when aging (and still bad) musicians and artists open their decaying yet still golden orifices and blather idiocies of the left. But, especially with novelists, art is appreciated by wide audiences when it contains within itself some truth. The greatest poems tell tales of moral import or truths with weight. The greatest art illuminates the human condition or the glories of created nature. The greatest novels are ingrained with truth, using fantastic premises to give greater clarity to common moral dilemmas. Cases in point are my favorite of mine, Orson Scott Card, and another famous author with several best-selling books to his name, Michael Crichton.

Michael Crichton has invited criticism recently with his stories involving environmental extremists play the part of the bad guys, committing acts of terrorism in the name of their ‘god’. In a speech before the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco California, September 15th, 2003, he expounded on his fears concerning the future in our information age:

I have been asked to talk about what I consider the most important challenge facing mankind, and I have a fundamental answer. The greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda. Perceiving the truth has always been a challenge to mankind, but in the information age (or as I think of it, the disinformation age) it takes on a special urgency and importance.

We must daily decide whether the threats we face are real, whether the solutions we are offered will do any good, whether the problems we’re told exist are in fact real problems, or non-problems. Every one of us has a sense of the world, and we all know that this sense is in part given to us by what other people and society tell us; in part generated by our emotional state, which we project outward; and in part by our genuine perceptions of reality. In short, our struggle to determine what is true is the struggle to decide which of our perceptions are genuine, and which are false because they are handed down, or sold to us, or generated by our own hopes and fears.

SEIU Sells Its Soul For Access To Worker Paychecks; Signs Pact With Nursing Home Owners

The Huffington Post posted an article today (Internal Memos Show How Andy Stern And Union Sold Workers Out) commenting on a San Francisco Weekly article detailing the organizing tactics of Service Employee International Union (SEIU) President Andy Stern. Supposedly, during negotiations with nursing home operators, the union head conceded some issues generally left to collective bargaining contract negotiations to the nursing home owners. Nursing home operators may:

set pay rates, pay increases, and incentive plans. They hire, lay off, demote, discipline, and determine benefits for workers without union input. The employers may outsource work performed by union members, and speed up, reassign, or eliminate jobs at will. The employer may eliminate vacations, or any other time off, as the employer sees fit.

In return, “SEIU got the right to represent workers, if shoddily, and to get paid.”

Sounds to me like a complete giveaway. Is the SEIU so desperate for growth, money and power that it will sell its soul to gain access to employee paychecks? Once all the above issues of pay, strikes, etc., were taken off the table, there isn’t much left to bargain for. These issues are the heart and soul of traditional collective bargaining. At least the United Auto Workers (UAW) are more intellectually honest. They would never dream of handing over concessions like these even in the face of rising losses and plant closures (UAW to members: We’ll fight givebacks, UAW meets to plot bargaining strategy).

The Post writers received the same internal documents as Smith at the SF Weekly and posted them at the above link. Check out for yourself how the SEIU sold out here to gain unfettered access to workers paychecks.

The SEIU performed its part of the deal in Washington state. Blogger David Postman, from the Seattle Times reported how the above agreements played out during the House floor debate on the Washington state budget.

SEIU tries to kill budget when it can’t get its way – During House debate on the budget Monday, SEIU was working the doors hard, summoning legislators out one at a time to be lobbied to put another $15 million in for nursing homes. The union was working alongside nursing home operators trying to make good on their agreement to get at least $40 million more in Medicaid reimbursements. That’s what’s spelled out in a draft agreement between the union and the operators that my colleague Ralph Thomas wrote about earlier this month.

March Of The Braying Fools

Republican Senator John Sununu of New Hampshire joined the list of braying fools standing on the moral wrong and calling for the removal of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. Whether we think that Gonzalez is good for the job or not, he has done nothing wrong.

Reported 03-09 in the San Francisco Chronicle

John McCain takes what I’m sure he believes is a ‘principled, moderate’ approach. He doesn’t think Gonzalez should be forced out, but that he should be given time to make his case. What case? What was done wrong? What is wrong with these people? McCain is pandering again, and he wants to win the election.

Reported on WOI-TV, Alton Iowa

Perhaps the best criticism I’ve heard of President Bush is that he works too hard to “reach out” to those who don’t agree with him. To an extent this is good to do, but to the detriment of his own party and beliefs and other supporters? We don’t want 4 more years of Bush even if it were possible, and McCain will be 4 more.

Slap The Braying Fools

Mike Gallagher, talk show host and townhall.com columnist agrees with me.