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Kennedy To His Last Breath

Senator Edward Kennedy

Read Shattered China’s obituary to the man, the icon, here.

I heard of Senator Kennedy’s death this morning, not from the news, but from a good friend I was sharing breakfast with. And he said he wished he could be as Kennedy was, To his last breath, For what he believed.

For the sake of this argument we must accept and then put behind us the facts of this immoral, philandering, leacherous and treacherous man’s ways and means. There, now put that aside.

You’ve got to respect the man who never lost sight of what he believed in. Whether his own personal fame, power for his family name, success for his social(ist) ideas, history to be unable to forget him, his goals were never forgotten.

He could’ve set things aside at 60. His family will never want for wealth or position. He’d be feted at balls and parties, there would always be women willing and ready to bed him. For all intents and purposes he had it made.

But he didn’t stop.

He would work until he fell out of his chair, and then he’d work from his hospital bed tirelessly trying to secure the success of his plans and perversions.

If only.

If only he’d been strong for the right. Not the political right, the Lord’s right.

But there is us.

I am called to do no less for Christ than Senator Kennedy did for himself.

To fight with all I have, to struggle with all my might. And when my might is spent, to lean on the Lord for strength and continue on fighting.

May we all be the man Kennedy would’ve been had he been redeemed through the body and the blood of our gracious and merciful Lord Jesus Christ. Giving our everything and our all to Him and His glory.

May I be Christian to my last breath.

The Only Right

Here may be safety, but here is no freedom
Here may be safety, but here is no freedom

The only right I have is the right to struggle.

It is a right to potential, not a promise to payoff.

And any government or organization or person who takes away my right to try it denying me the basic dignity of humanity.

Obama, his philosophy, and his government, are trying to do just that. The socialist doesn’t believe in the right to struggle. They are many people who believe that pain never accompanies merit and that the stench of sweat never surrounds the worthy man.

I would rather be left free and die trying, than to perish slowly in the ignominy of a cage designed of good intentions and built with hope and change.

I only ask to be allowed the right to struggle.