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Today’s Interesting Stuff – December 3rd, 2007

As this years begins winding to a close, we have one of those news days which just makes me happy.

Hugo Chavez, the communist thug who wanted to run things forever in Venezuela, has been told he can’t hang around any longer than 2012, his original term limit. Students formed a coalition and grassroots campaign to fight his power grabs, and because he’s still constrained by a constitution he must abide by the law. The Communist News Networks print mouthpiece, Time Magazine, had the temerity to call Chavez’ power grabs “reforms“.

They cannot stand the thought of not using murdered babies to try to improve lives. And they aren’t afraid to lie about it. There has not been a single case of successful treatment of any condition using human embryonic stem cells. The only reason the government is being petitioned to fund this research is because private industry will not.

And what of the propriety of the government funding research anyway? Is it the responsibility of the government to do such things? Consider another expensive project: space travel. Now consider such programs as the Ansari X Prize which encouraged the production of vehicles which can enter space and return with a usable payload twice in two weeks. Using private money and initiative. Can the space shuttle do that? Can the government do that?

The State of Texas School Board fired their science curriculum coordinator for sending around an article critical of Intelligent Design. And the ruckus begins. With baited headlines such as “Hey Science, Don’t Mess With Texas” from the Huffington Post (which is apparently a major Yahoo Op/Ed outlet now) and “Evolution: Don’t even talk about it in Texas” the frenzied crowds cry foul. However, where is the issue? I’m not going to make a judgment on whether the coordinator ought to have been fired, there may have been other issues which led up to this. It would be unwise to fire someone just for sending around a document such as this. But a common thread through this hue and cry is that Intelligent Design and Creationism are some super heavy-weights in the world stage which have dominated Evolutionary theory in education and elsewhere.

Now tell me this: which theory has had the greater part of the last 50 years to indoctrinate our youth, guide our scientific inquiry, and silence any and all public debate? It’s not Creationism or Intelligent Design. No, evolution, a theory without proof or even a preponderance of evidence beyond that offered by the need for man to be able to define himself apart from an omniscient God, has enjoyed all formal and official public support. Evolution is no spunky underdog in this fight, it is instead the 800 pound gorilla which has dominated all arguments and quashed all dissent. Evolution is a flighty, sensitive thing too, which does not allow argument or dissent.

Further joy from the religion of Peace. Thank God she has been pardoned and is back in the UK now. Though with the ‘peaceful’ nature of British Muslims, her safety may not be guaranteed at this point.

The hurricane season is over. It was average, low average. And less than was predicted.

If they can’t predict a single season, why do they think they can predict the end of the world?

Evil Still Exists & Forgiveness: Islam Versus Christianity

The International Herald Tribune, Europe edition, writes a story on the case of 10 doctors and nurses who worked in a hospital in Libya and were arrested 10 years ago on charges they’d knowingly and maliciously infected several hundred children with HIV. This was the Libya of Qaddafi, brazen and belligerent supporter of terrorism and tin-hat despot. Qaddafi has since renounced all ties with terrorism and has by all accounts become quite the nice guy on the African continent, but apparently his underlings and the mobs which rule the provinces and cities are still small evil men.

You can read all the details of this terrible story, but consider this: evil comes in all shapes and sizes, labels and categories, but the religion of peace once again shows while it may consider itself peaceful, it’s god and therefore it’s very identity is unforgiving.

Adherents of Islam, Muslims, hope that their righteous acts will outweigh any marks against them and that their god, Allah, will be merciful to them when they reach his judgment. God, worshiped by Christians, is also a just God. When His commands are violated, the price must be paid. God is also a merciful God, not that He does not hold sin against a person, but He desires that person to be free from sin and its eternal punishment. To bridge this obvious divide He sent Jesus to live a perfect, sinless life, and to die a horrid death. Crucifixion is an incredibly torturous death, the Romans even invented a whole new term for pain “ex crucio”, literally from the or of the cross, to describe the pain suffered by those being crucified. We have taken the term, transliterating it into “excruciating”. Harry Potter experiences the pain in the Cruciatus Curse, where the spell caster speaks the word “Crucio”, a deep and bloody history for a word of terrible import. But it was through this excruciating pain and terrible death that Gods justice was satisfied. The punishment was taken away from us. This is salvation: God is Holy, He allows no sin into His Glory. God wants us to be near Him, to enjoy His Glory. We are sinful and unable to enter His Holiness. God sent Jesus, Holiness and perfection embodied, to live among us and teach us His way. Jesus did not sin, and therefore, but accepting death at out hands He took out punishment on Himself. This allows God to forgive us, His justice is satisfied and His mercy is set free to us. We must accept the forgiveness, admit our own inability to become holy on our own strength, and accept His covering and cleansing for our sins. There is no chance, there is no worry. Once we have accepted Christs’ payment we are free to do as we ought, secure in the knowledge that before God we will be clean and pure, and the only judgment will be over our work bring glory to Him.

That is true forgiveness, that is what separates Islam from Christianity. There are good people and bad people who claim both faiths. But at the heart, the Christian has true forgiveness given them, and is able therefore to show true forgiveness, while the Muslim has not received forgiveness and therefore finds it difficult to give forgiveness.

Compare also the thoughts on retribution: The Muslim must do things and accomplish works to bring before Allah to present in hopes of exceeding his sin balance. The Muslims described in the article above are expecting remuneration to the tune of 10 Million Euros per child infected, this in excess of the approximately 10 million per child already invested in Libya by various members of the EU with the specific intent of getting these ten people freed.