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Failure Of Diplomacy

Iranian nuclear power plant southwest of Tehran
Iranian nuclear power plant southwest of Tehran

“In the last year, two things have happened,” he told the FADC. “Iran has advanced its military nuclear program, and the international community has lost its legitimacy.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commenting on reports that Iran is now capable of building nuclear weapons and delivering them as warheads to Israel.

I’d add one more thing that has happened in the last year, we’ve lost a President with backbone and nerve and a strong sense of leadership and gained one who believes in diplomacy above all.

Diplomacy is good and an excellent first choice, but the entire world is now held ransom by the tin-hat despots and megalomaniacal extreme religious leadership of Iran because we didn’t bring our big stick to the table.

10% Just For Starting

President Bush finally put some actions to his words and repealed the federal ban on off-shore oil drilling.

I have no proof of casual relationship, but this week the price of gas in Chicagoland dropped nearly 10%, from $4.40 per gallon (Monday) for regular unleaded to $4.10 (Friday).

I say open ANWR and let the goodness roll.

There is no legitimate or reasonable reason for not putting value to the resources available to us.