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The Only Right

The only right which each and every human being has is the right to struggle.

To try is the only thing we can claim as ours.

To have or possess? That is only ours if we succeed in our struggle, and it may be taken away without notice or consent or fault.

To deserve? Not ours. Aesops Cricket ‘worked’ playing his violin and claiming the world owed him a living, and yet nothing was owed him. And yet consider the ants. I would count myself among Aesops faithful and hardworking ants much more readily than among his lax and laxadaisical crickets. However, what if, after all that work storing food all summer long, a storm came and wiped out the ants supply? Do they deserve the supply? How can they? Who do they petition for a redress? Before whom would they lay their grievance?

It’s futile and pointless to live in a state of deservation.

The only right there is is to struggle, to try.

Anybody who claims otherwise is lying and manipulating. And if you believe you deserve, you’re the unhappier one for it.