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I Looked Outsite My Window West

Looking through the eastern window
Looking through the eastern window

I looked outside my window west, across the broad horizon.
My dreams and hopes from years gone by glowed golden in the light.
The setting sun of all my past fell surely to the lip of the hills, shedding the last light of the days of my youth on the things I valued then.

But looking out the other sill towards the glowing East, the light of breaking day, already growing steadily stronger as in repose I lay.
This newly born light, of the sun of new hopes and new dreams, rises strongly upward, bringing to my watering eyes in dazzling relief new dreams and new joys before unknown.
Toward this new light I rise to my feet, walking with strong step and sure, forgetting what was behind and pressing on I keep my aim true.
I am not without questions, and foreboding too, but when the dream and goal is sure as the wind, I know what I am to do.
To take hold of the wind and grip it tight as into it’s teeth I fly, I ride this beast, this roaring beast and follow it where it will.

A New Father’s Prayer

I pray for you my son tonightFather protecting child
that you always walk in God’s light

That your young ears will listen well
as of Christ’s blessed hope I tell

and weave His story through all life
to you, young son of my dear wife.

I pray for you my son tonight,
God’s protection and His keen sight.

Your young eyes will see of God’s love,
your fresh heart will give thanks above,

Your small hands will lift up in praise,
and all your life it’s song will raise,

To God above it’s notes so clear,
that none below can help but hear.

I pray for you my son tonight,
that you always walk in God’s light.

Dreams Of Sun

When flies the hoary frost from frozen window pane,
When clouds are driven from the sky no longer to rain,
When ice and chill retire to where they came,
Then shines the sun.

When gentle breezes stir the greening meadow,
When gentle drops add to swelling river flow,
When golden tears of spring bid all things grow,
Then shines the sun.

Sing the song of winter past, while cross the fields we run.
Watch the birds fly about, with glittering grace and fun.
Dance to the music of the babbling brook,
Shout with the foxes and swim with the trout.
Yearn as a lover for her love so far away gone,
for the sun, the sun to shine all the summer long.

Written in 2000 by Sparkie