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Diapers: The Saga

There's more than meets the eye
There's more than meets the eye

Foraging ahead into the adventure of parenthood, the lessons come thick and fast. Though the poop is a little thin, consistency speaking.

Diapers are one of the most significant and consistent expenses of parenthood if you choose the disposable route.

For me, memories of smelly diaper pails and mom’s hands deep in filthy toilet water rinsing cloth diapers sealed the deal. I’m a disposable diaper dad. My wife didn’t disagree.

We’d researched brands before William’s birth and people’s preferences were as varied as they could get. Wise advise: if it fits and works, it’s good for you. Start cheap and go up as necessary. Different brands and styles fit different body types and different babies have different methods of filling the diapers. Find what works, but don’t get attached.

We got a good number of Pampers’ Swaddlers diapers from the hospital and so tried those first. They leaked. Badly. Pee, poop, baby, everything.

We had a few Huggies “regular” samples as well, which weren’t a lot better on our newborn, but we didn’t have that many to try either.

So we started cheap when it came to buying our first packs: Parent’s Choice, the Walmart store brand.

They had plenty of capacity and didn’t leak pee nearly as easily as the Pampers Swaddlers. We were very happy they worked as they were also some of the cheapest you can get.

But our William has a curious proclivity to explosive defecation. He’s not necessarily gassy, he just blows out with force and, um, content.

And it was this forceful content that was the downfall of the Parent’s Choice diapers. Blowout poop blew out the diaper. The diaper didn’t have a chance. I’m raising a real powerhouse.

We were going through outfits like no tomorrow, and had to constantly worry about handing our son off to others for fear he’d do worse than urp on them. And the yellow, runny forceful content was marvelous at staining his outfits too.

So it was time to move on.

In our newly re-energized searching we found Huggies Little Snugglers were advertising a pocket in the rear waist of the diaper specifically for the containment of such forceful content we were becoming all too familiar with. It’s like they knew our pain.

We tried some, and they work. So far. It’s been a week and he’s not been able to blow poop through these diaper’s defenses yet.

And a side benefit too: I’d assumed diaper rash comes with the territory. Having a diaper means a warm, moist environment with plenty of bacteria nearly constantly surrounding the skin of the infant.  And so we’ve got the requisite tub of the stalwart Desitin ointment for regular application. And with the Parent’s Choice diapers it was necessary.

Since using the Huggies, there has not been an issue with diaper rash. It has cleared up, and quickly.

Changing the diapers, I’ve noted the Huggies Little Snugglers hold the moisture away from the skin much better than the Parent’s Choice did.

So here we are today, our son in Huggies Little Snugglers. Until he finds some way to cause them to fail. Which I don’t doubt he’ll achieve sooner or later.

I’m just hoping it’s at the point of Potty Training, when it’s on purpose, and we can laugh with him.

Oh, but a beautiful thing that has happened since my childhood: diapers securing tabs are now velcro instead of tape adhesive. You can restick them infinitely. And they aren’t hard or sharp.

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a socialist nation that developed that.