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Not Once In A Century

Bill Whittle at PJTV on the real enemies of American exceptionalism and our failure to really progress in the last several decades.

I would add that there has been great progress in the last decades, but it hasn’t been progress of all of humanity, it has been the progress of the individual.

Our progress has turned internal, how do we extend our lives, how do we gain more pleasure, how do we work less.

The problem with this selfish progress is that while it benefits us physically it harms us emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Because modern science denies what it cannot touch, it cannot believe in a non-chemical or non-physical aspect of a person. What it cannot believe in, it will not work to protect.

Our culture worships hedonism and this will be our undoing as a culture.

And yet, time still remains for action, for duty, for brave acts countermanding the inevitable decline of American and Western civilization.

While the hour is late, individual lives can be changed. And individual lives change other lives, until the culture itself is righted in a correctly normative state of community interdependence and moral backbone.