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Retarded Freaks

Moral equivalence is such a strange and ugly beast.

Consider this comment in a thread on one of the more entertaining sites on the internet:

And that response is exactly what is necessary, were we still living in a culture that predominantly believed in absolute truth and real morality and ethics.

Seeing joy in everything

Equating a person’s feelings for their cat bred with respiratory issues from a shortened snout with society’s considering mentally deficient people special, either as a politically correct label or as a true measure of our regard for that person, is pure and simple evil.

This is, no doubt, a person who’s in favor of aborting children if they’re found in pre-birth testing to be potentially mentally retarded or suffering from some other deficiency.

I’m glad there are people in the world willing to adopt these special children when their own parents do not consider themselves up to the task and that there are people willing to accept these children and give them full and rich lives.

So to this person who would deprive this world of the joy and delight that are people who have been blessed with something other than a sound mind, I say shame on you.