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Man Knows Not His Time

A request:
A good friend of mine and a closer friend of my wife, Matt Kelly, shot himself in the head in what appears to have been a freak accident.

He is not expected to live.

Please pray with myself and others around the world for the peace and comfort of God to be upon all the Kelly family (father, mother, and sister) and upon the friends (including my wife) who are gathered as they remove his life support in the near future and prepare for what is very likely to be a funeral soon.

He is a young man, recently graduated from Moody Bible Institute. He was planning on returning to Moody for his graduate work in the next years and then going on to the mission field in Romania.

God is always in control. He is the One who lays out our life before us and His thoughts and plans are usually incomprehensible to us in the current moment.

But we His children can trust Him to continue to, as He always has, work all things together for the good of those called according to His purposes, and to His glory.

UPDATE: The shooting was accidental. Evidence at the scene seems to indicate the gun was discharged away from Matt and the bullet only struck him after it ricochetted off of the fireplace.