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Way Of The Master: How To Witness To Gays

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort of the Way Of The Master visit San Francisco and make some excellent points which each Christian should hear regarding Homosexuality.

Of particular interest is there advice that you are to witness to a person with homosexual desires the same way you witness to anybody else. To God all sin is the same. There are physical, emotional, psychological, and most importantly, spiritual consequences to all sin.

The solution is the same for all sin too.

So why should our tactics change?

Cameron And Comfort Face-Off Against Atheism On NBC Nightline

I know this news is a week old, but better late than never. Besides, considering the ratings network news shows receive and their plunging viewer numbers, maybe most of you didn’t see the debates either. I haven’t yet.

Kirk Cameron, the actor, and Ray Comfort, the preacher, debated two atheists from the Rational Response Squad on national television on NBCs Nightline TV show. NBC has posted videos of the debate online as well.

I’ve heard some of the information put out by Cameron and Comfort, it’s top class. Well explained and yet very deep, full of truth and information which Christians can use to defend their faith and show others the validity of the Christian worldview and it’s superiority compared with philosophies today. I find it humorous that the duo not only claim they can prove God exists without using arguments based on faith or the Bible, but that they can prove atheists do not exist.

I get a mental picture of a plucky underdog battling a massive and lethargic yet vicious conglomerate of evil.