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The Dark Ones

It is not the quiet ones who go on to commit heinous crimes, it’s the dark ones.

After a crime such as a school shooting or the like, the neighbors and acquaintances are trotted out on TV saying they always wondered about this person. A phrase they usually use is that they were quiet.

I know quiet people who are just in a shell which needs a little cracking, they aren’t potential murderers, they’re just thinkers.

It is not the quiet ones who kill, it is the dark ones. A darkness of the heart so deep it can be seen in the eyes. Usually mistaken for pain, it is a festering rot which requires great and heroic effort by those around them to draw out.

What troubles me is the inability to describe this sin on the part of those around them. I would submit that the vast majority of those around actually did not see anything which concerned them too greatly, in the glare of the limelight however they speak with sagacity and deep import.

No one wants to be the idiot.

In contrast, a friend of mine told me he knew the murderer at the mall in Omaha. They grew up in the same neighborhood and while they were not friends, per se, they were acquaintances. He commented to me this boy was the darkest person he ever knew. That is an accurate assessment.

We don’t recognize the rot of sin because we’re all in it. A caring, loving individual would see the problem and it would be a true test of their care and love to seek to intervene in that life.

Those in a dark room don’t have the perspective to see how dark others are. As noted in the Bible:

He who fails to find Me, injures himself,
All who hate Me love death.
Proverbs 8:36 (ESV)

Now wait a minute, we say. The audacity of that claim is appalling. We know plenty of people who do not believe in God and yet are good people who would never kill or commit crimes like those we see around us.

But if God is life, and not just life, but Life. The epitome of vitality. The very essence of Being. Then to not know Him is to not know life. To not follow Him is to not follow life. And to not love Him is to not love life.

God does not accept ambivalence toward Himself.

Therefore, those who are around us living life as they feel they ought instead of how God directs are suffering from the same root condition as those who have killed without mercy.

Our responsibility to them is the same: we must show them Christ. Show them a way out of their lives of quiet (or in our modern world: hurried) desperation.

God’s responsibility is the same as well: accept repentance, shower mercy and grace, and when necessary, dispense judgment.

Political Blog Comment Spammers

Behind the scenes, every day, a plugin on this blog protects against comment spam. As of this writing there have been over 550 spam comments caught and deleted by Akismet. My blog, being as it is a little ways off the high-traffic areas of the information super highway, gets relatively little spam, but still 142 legitimate comments compared with 553 spam… Let’s just say I really appreciate Akismet, and you should too.

But there are times when apparently legitimate sites use comment spam to attempt to drive traffic to themselves illegitimately and under false pretense. Consider this comment posted under my review of the movie Flushed Away:

Faction 3 | faction3.us
You cant imagine how much money they spend trying to silence good people who will put their lives on the line to fight for change.

I think you can agree this has nothing to do with the movie I was reviewing here. This comment was not flagged as spam and the only thing that caught my attention was the fact that it really had nothing to do with the article. I checked out faction3.us and found they had a prominent article on Net Neutrality, on which I had written. So I proceeded to look through my site for the article I’d written on Net Neutrality, assuming the poster had just mistakenly posted on the wrong article. So then I checked my spam list in the admin section and found two other posts were caught as spam, one from Faction3.us and one from congresscheck.com. Both these posts are in the form of raps filled with both lingual and mental ignorance, vulgarity, and evil. I’ve included them here, edited only for lingual vulgarity. Please proceed at your own discretion.

NOTE: I decided to post these to illustrate that it is not just mental slavery we battle politically but spiritual slavery at the heart of that mental slavery. The heart is full of sin and deception and the lips speak out of the fullness of that lost heart.

Congress Check | congresscheck.com

I see a message from the government, like every day
I watch it, and listen, and call em all suckas
They warnin me about Osama or whatever
Picture me buyin this scam I said never
You in tune to a Hard Truth soldier spittin
I stay committed gives a f*** to die or lose commission
Its all a part of fightin devil state mind control
And all about the battle for your body, mind and soul
And now Im hopin you dont close ya mind – so they shape ya
Dont forget they made us slaves, gave us AIDS and raped us
Another Bush season mean another war for profit
All in secret so the public never think to stop it
The Illuminati triple six all connected
Stolen votes they control the race and take elections
Its the Skull and Bones Freemason kill committee
See the Dragon gettin s*****er in every city


And the other from Faction3.us:

 Faction 3 | faction3.us

Now ask yourself whos the people with the most to gain (Bush)
fore 911 motherf****s couldnt stand his name (Bush)
Now even n****s wavin flags like they lost they mind
Everybody got opinions but dont know the time
Cause Amerikkkas been took – its plain to see
The oldest trick in the book is make an enemy
A phony evil so the government can do its dirt
And take away ya freedom lock and load, beat and search
Aint nothin changed but more colored people locked in prison
These pigs still beat us, but it seem we forgettin
But I remember fore September how these devils do it
F*** Giuliani ask Diallo how he doin
We in the streets holla jail to the thief follow
F*** wavin flags bring these dragons to they knees
Oil blood money makes these killers ride cold
Suspicious suicides people dyin never told
Its all a part of playin God so ya think we need em
While Bin Ashcroft take away ya rights to freedom
Bear witness to the sickness of these dictators
Hope you understand the time brother cause its major


I was sobered when I first read these in their repugnant glory. Not only is it sad that there are those who believe such terrible falsehoods and are deceived in such astounding ways, but it is sad that they are able to make those beliefs so public on their own blogs. The internet is free and the truth is more than capable of standing up on its own in the face of even the most devious lies and assaults, so I have no fear there. But it gives an importance to my own small efforts here to spread the truth, shining the light to dispel the demons of ignorance.

You better believe I think I’m a crusader!

Today’s Interesting Stuff

I’m browsing Bongo which I’ve Stumble(d)upon and find a pithy review of Algores Enviro-fest faux-film, An Inconvenient Truth:

An Inconvenient Truth An exaggerated slide show with the inconvenient truth that Gore is a bore. ~Jack Palethorpe

… and a narcissistic self-loathing (yes I know those are mutually exclusive terms, but he is both self-loving (his own person) and self-loathing (his humanity) at the same time) overweight… well I’ll just keep the rest of the words I was thinking to myself, I’m sure you have plenty that fit just fine.

In case you can’t tell, I’m very angry at the evil Algore is fomenting. Evil, you ask? Yes, his lies, made from a position of carefully studied and purposeful ignorance, cause the creation of policies which cause harm to people without moral justification or even positive outcome. Businesses must spend money enacting meaningless or harmful processes which cost them money with no benefit or return which then forces them to spend less on expanding or improving their own core competencies, creating new jobs or paying workers more. Governments take more money from an already over-taxed populace to use for creating and enforcing restrictive policies which subvert the rights and usurp the responsibilities of the individual.

Because of environmental zombies and their accompanying hard-won policies, DDT is not used in Africa, where it would all but eradicate Malaria, one of the worst killers in that beautiful continent filled with so much trouble. Science says DDT kills? No, a novel, yes, that’s right, a NOVEL spinning a heart rending story of a dream of a silent spring twisted the brainless spineless pointless morons which populate so many government positions and a policy is born. And innocents die.

I’m Not Sorry

NotSorryAboutOurPresident.com is a wonderful site. The problem is, apparently more hateful ignorant people have time to vote at its anti-site. Go, post. It takes like ten seconds. If you already have something to say.

And Two Lists To Top It Off

50 Things Men Wish Women Knew

50 Things Women Wish Men Knew

These are good. Very good. I think. (see below)


The lists are mostly good. They do focus a bit on married couples and the benefits and issues contained in such a relationship. Just so you’re forewarned. I hadn’t read the entire lists before I posted. They’re still worth reading though.

Travesty In America

I have recently made friends with a young Navy man. He’s based an hour away from where I’m at, and some mutual friends have been driving to pick him up on weekends so he can go off-base for his few days off. Recently he decided to attend church with us, and wore his uniform to the service. Our church is very military friendly, with several members and relatives and friends of the church family in the various branches. But while I was discussing the topics of going off-base, uniforms, and various and sundry other random topics which were relevant at that time and no longer.

My Navy friend, with a serious look on his face, told me his officers and other members of the military have told him it is unwise to wear ones uniform off-base into public places such as malls. He having personal experience, concurred that he no longer wears his uniform off-base except for special occasions. He says that when he goes to malls or other public areas he gets “looks” which are less than friendly or encouraging. He says that one particular jeweler at a local mall in his home town, while purporting to be friendly to military members due in part to its owner being ex-military, actually charges premiums to members of the military.

This is serious news. Ever since Vietnam, when the military were vilified and ostracized, called “baby killer” and worse. When the name of our boys were besmirtched by communist-sympathyzing elites with microphones and cameras to talk to. When the current generation of teachers and professors and academics of all flavors cut their teeth on lies and grew misshapen and twisted in a continual flood of hateful, vitriolic, and false attacks on the bedrock, the foundations of America and the world. We are in serious trouble. If we cannot put aside our differences and at least support our troops, no matter the cause of battle. If we cannot see a just battle and righteous war when it is looking us in the face. We are in serious trouble.

I genuinely fear for America. And as America reviles its own hope for defence of freedom, justice, and the American way, the real supermen and superwomen, we stand to lose so much more than our freedom. Man cannot take away our soul, but if we’ve already sold it…

Romney On Religion

I thought I’d posted this some time ago. Ah well… better late than never.

Very pluralistic, from a Christian perspective there is plenty to find wrong here. I hate the necessity of pragmatism, but from a pragmatic perspective, this was a home run.The Rev. Barry Lynn, ordained minister of the United Church of Christ and chief cook and bottle washer of the group Americans United for Separation of Church and State, had a few things to say (I have edited for brevity, read the full comment and others on this here):

I was disappointed in Romney’s statement. The founders of our Constitution meant for religion and government to be completely separate. Romney is wrong when he says we are in danger of taking separation too far or at risk of establishing a religion of secularism. I was particularly outraged that Romney thinks that the Constitution is somehow based on faith and that judges should rule accordingly. That’s a gross misunderstanding of the framework of our constitutional system. I think it is telling that Romney quoted John Adams instead of Thomas Jefferson or James Madison. Jefferson and Madison are the towering figures who gave us religious liberty and church-state separation. I am an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, and I believe in my faith. But I believe just as strongly that non-believers are good Americans too. I wish Romney had said that.

This has also been a rather good opinion day, here are some highlights I found (or Google found for me): Mall Was A Gun-Free-Zone The mall in Omaha Nebraska is a gun-free zone, and yet someone brought a gun in and began killing people. Which part of “breaking the law” is so difficult to understand? When we put up signs that state it is illegal to bring guns in, will the planning killer see those and decide he’d best not? Of course not. Premeditated murder, involving all the thought needed to consider the consequences and ramifications of the heinous act, the time needed to plan and execute, does not respect the law. The killer is breaking every other law, what is one little “No Guns” sign going to do? Stop them? Instead, all we’ve succeeded in doing is disarming every other sane, law abiding person. Making each and every one of them a potential victim. And it’s not been just been in this case. Read the article.