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Frank & Ernest: Me Blog

Me Blog

Frank and Ernest, December 14th, 2007

Blogging turns 10 years old today. An article in Wired magazine describes what Jorn Barger considered to be the true or original purpose of blogging and includes ten tips he has for new bloggers. He coined the term “blog” to describe

I think #2 is especially good (except the “posted elsewhere” bit, blogging has evolved and become better and worse for it):

You can certainly include links to your original thoughts, posted elsewhere … but if you have more original posts than links, you probably need to learn some humility.

The idea with blogging now is that the web is personal. A blog brings a collection of links to content along with commentary based on a particular person’s worldview and/or perspective.

The real goal of blogging is to provide a window to your own web.

The web has gotten to a point where it’s size is so far beyond any one person’s or even any single-purposed group’s ability to digest.

By blogging, we bring our perspective as well as our own circle of sites into a predigested with added commentary list for others to peruse both to get to know you and to foment and encourage further exploration, discovery and learning.