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Review: American Patriot’s Almanac

The American Patriot's AlmanacWords mean things, and ideas have consequences.

If you don’t agree with the above statement, The American Patriot’s Almanac will be just one more collection of quaint sayings by old and dead men.

Euripides is said to have said “The tongue is mightier than the blade”, and the words held within this book show the people who uttered them believed these words true. And often held the sword in defense of theirs and others tongues.

The American Patriot’s Almanac is more than simply a collection of sayings and quotes and factoids. It contains history, some of it stories I already knew, some of it containing fresh jewels I’d not previously known.

From the story of the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848, the nation’s first conference on women’s rights, to the story of James Forten, the free-born grandson of slaves who grew up through the birth of America. He spent time as a prisoner of war. He worked his way up through a company until he owned it. He developed new technology to ease the job of sailors managing the sails. He organized protective brigades of black Americans to defend Philadelphia during the war of 1812, and he was instrumental starting the American Anti-Slavery Society.

The American Patriot’s Almanac will be a valuable addition to the library, bathroom reading shelf, or coffee table of any patriot interested in knowing more about the roots of America and it’s liberty.