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A Currency To Save American Lives

A friend of mine who has started a blog writes about a speech by Congressman Mike Pence on Senator John McCain:

John McCain was never my first choice for Republican nominee. I didn’t like a lot about him. But not long ago, I read a speech by a trusted Congressman (suprisingly not an oxy-moron in this case!) that gave me hope. And by hope, I mean what that word used to mean before the Obama Dictionary came out, in which it is defined as “………………..”. For real! Look it up yourself! I guarantee you will find an empty space in his dictionary.

Congressman Pence says that John McCain has a currency, a name created from deeds and history, which will save American lives:

The Sheik bowed deeply, then took both of Senator McCain’s hands in his. “It is a special privilege to meet you, Senator McCain,” and then, alluding to McCain’s record as a Navy airman, P.O.W. and upbringing as the son and the grandson of 4-Star Admirals in the Navy, he said. “We know of you and your warrior past and of we know of your proud family of warriors and we respect you”.