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As usual I was browsing the news today (yes, it is thanksgiving, but I am over 2,000 miles away from my family and my adopted family hasn’t woken up yet) and I ran into this interesting article.

Just some basic concepts I pulled from the article.

  • Although creativity is rarely a prerequisite from the presidency but it should have been in Mr. Obama’s case. By promising change, Mr. Obama was promising somoething new or atleast newer (because it is assumed that the old establishment cannot change). This would require creativity to look outside of Washington and find competent staff members who can fill national level positions. However, this creativity and change doesn’t seem to be happening.

Barack Obama defended his decision to pack his new Cabinet with veteran Washington insiders and former Clinton officials yesterday after a campaign in which he promised change.

  • Mr. Obama doesn’t have a “New” plan. Throughout his campaign, Mr. Obama always said he had a plan, but never mentioned to show it. At the end he started listing steps of action that sounded a whole ton like core conservative values, however, no real plans, just promises to every person on welfare. Now, we are receiving evidence that he has no plan. As my point above mentioned, a plan for change would include reaching outside of Washington for influence and ideas. However, Mr. Obama is simply falling back on the core of his party, the Clintons. Hmm . . . is Mr. Obama a leader, or a mouthpiece?
  • Despite the appointments of Rahm Emanuel (the single most dangerous person in the Democrat party) and Hillary Clinton, Mr. Obama’s party is still claiming he is center-right. What is scary is that they are saying this about their most liberal member. I believe that the Liberals believe that this last election, and the huge turnout, gave them a mandate (a word the Conservative movement started using first) to drag this country down to European standards. However, a closer look at the election will tell a different story. In fact, the turn out at this election was much less than expected. The turn out this election was only about 10% higher than 2004 while the 2004 turnout was about 17% higher than 2000. Also, once again, youth did not vote. In fact, the majority of the increase in voting was because people who had already voted before, but hadn’t recently, voted. On top of that, these “liberal” voters, voted for traditional marriage in every state where it was being contested (though now the California Supreme Court is deciding whether a Constitutional Amendment is Constitutional [um . . . duh . . . it is the Constitution]).
  • One last point I really want to make. There are over 40 million people on welfare who can vote. Those people most likely voted their pocket books (which candidate will give me more), but, as my last point makes, I find it hard to say this about everyone else. I do though think I know why they voted. Here is my argument. Mr. Obama was constantly labeled as a great communicator (I am not sure how true this is because communicators actually communicate information). He was someone who spoke to the voters and kept them informed. The voters loved to listen to Mr. Obama, and I believe this is the Republican parties fault. The basics of leadership dictate that a leader must communicate with his followers. The leader must let the followers know what is happening, where they are going, and what they are to do. If a leader does this, they are halfway to success. This what Mr. Obama has done. He has said that the Democratic party needs to get to the White House, has to battle the Republicans, and needs support. Compare this to the Republican party. In the election we were told, we dont’ need the conservatives (till they realised that the conservative vote was their only vote), we dont’ have an enemy (after all, we want this to be a civil election), just get the White House, who cares what we do after that (maybe we can do what we have been doing, it has worked so far). However, even before the election, we the voters have not been led. After all, what is really happening in Iraq? And who is telling us what has happened? Oh, the media, why can’t the President tell us? Communicate with us and let us know that he needs our support? There was no communication about the financial crash. The Washington Insiders just got together and came up with a plan without communicating the situation to the voters. Sure, the Republicans have challenged the Democrats on their policies, but have they told the voters about the Democrat policies and how they could be countered? Although I do loath Mr. Obama’s rash of news conferences (he is not the President yet), he is fulfilling people’s basic needs, communication.


In honor of today, and people’s thoughts, I am staring a running blog for the next couple days that will highlight people’s election oriented Facebook and Myspace statuses. All the other authors are invited to contribute to this blog.

Emily E. – is thank God it’s the last day.

Andrew B. – let the entertainment begin. I won’t look at the news till tomorrow.

Teresa P. – is proud to be an AMERICAN!!!

Tim S. – says “Go mccain”!

Sonja L. – is torn between candidates…. I lilke both in different ways.

Angela G. – is working at the polls all day tomorrow. Please go vote!

Marie H. – is not looking forward to standing in line for hours to vote tomorrow!

Maggie B. – is praying that God’s will be done tomorrow, whatever that may be.

Hillary B. – is really ready for this election to be over.

Courtney W. – is the 1st person to donate her status to not caring about getting out the vote on whichever candidate. Just vote for who you want, and pray. God knows best.

Chad P. – voted McCain/Palin. You can too! ;).

Melissa D. – is turning off the stinkin’ tv! If I see ONE MORE political ad, I may scream……

Chris O. – “This is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause.”

Lauren P. – is giving everything to God! :).

Hayley B. – is “going to love socialized america” not.

Joseph B. – is gonna treat the election the same way David treated King Saul. With respect and honour, and the knowledge that God works all things out for good.

Bernice A. –  praying for this nation and will hold steadfast to God’s word.

Audrey S. – is hoping that Obama fulfills his promises since he’s now our president. (Lets hope this doesn’t happen!)

Justin W. – is my president is black, my lambo’s blue, and i’ll be danged if i ain’t too.

Christina H. – doesn’t know what to think….

Bryson H. – is consoled in the fact osama won’t be able to mess us up too badly in four years. And by then ppl l be smart enough t keep him out.

Sam H. – here’s the real story–Pelosi defeats Sheehan! 😛

Margaret H. – ohhh boy…

Tim S. – really needs to move to a redstate.

Melissa D. – watched a movie instead of the election. Politics OVERLOAD.

Chase K. – is thouroughly disappointed in the way many “Christ followers” have behaved during this election. But feels the better candidate won tonight. Bravo Obama, Bravo. (Not sure I agree with you Chase)

Tyler R. – is putting things aside for… ever.

Reece A. – “It is the end of the world as we know it.”, Obama is going to destroy america, but he can’t take away my guns or my faith!

Steve S. – is tired… of everything, g’night.

Mark S. – 1 Samuel 12:13-15. (Good one Mark)

Heather W. – is thankful for a God who is still the same and is praying for our new president!

Matthew B. – is glad that there will be big issues and lots to do. Anyone up for a fight? You’d better be…

Sammi W. – is trusting God. He has a plan, He knows best! I think some people have forgotten…”One nation under God!”

Bethany B. – is not a happy Camper not that Obama has won…how can we be so stupid to elect someone who doesnt surpport our Soilders,and hates our Military…Dumb Ass.

Scott R. – is still in shock from the election results…I still feel that either way we, the people, lost. But the reality is still evading me.

Jessica P. – is not gonna let the news of the new prez rob me of my joy in Jesus! God please havve mercy on us.

B. J. J. – Obama made history by being the 1st African-American president in the United States and I am going to get a newspaper to remember that historic day.

Emily T. – does not want people to blame her when this country goes down the drain – i did not vote for him.

Sarah H. – is very disapointed in the election results!

Grace B. – still loves America.

Amanda T. – is ?

Ryan C. – Will respect and pray for Obama as the President of the United States as all christians should.

Hayley B. – is “going to love socialized america” not.

Tim V. – salutes his president, MR. Barack Obama.


Here’s to my blogging buddies across the ‘sphere…

To Neil from 4Simpsons:

Tax and free trade basics: Taxes affect behavior.  You get less of what you tax.  More tax on investments = less investments.  More tax on businesses = less businesses to tax (and less employees to pay taxes and more people needing welfare).

To Wes at AnimateMatters:

Truth: I saw a bumper-sticker, today, that said:
“If Hillary Clinton is the answer, then it must have been a stupid question.”

Barb from XerraireArt:

Strange Bedfellows – Friends of Obama: “Life is partly what we make it, and partly what is made by the friends whom we choose.” ~ Tehyi Hsieh

Keeping the heat on everybodies (in Illinois) (least) favorite governor: The BloggingOnBlagoBlog:

Admitting you’re wrong is not easy – especially if you are running for Congress: Looks like once again Majority Leader Halvorson was able to slip by without any questioning as to why she personally stalled the previous ethics package for more than a year as Senate Rules Chairman, allowing Rod Blagojevich to continue raising money from state contractors.

More to come tomorrow.

With One Stroke

McCain has restored a great deal of hope to me.

Coworkers who don’t necessarily agree with my politically are even calling the election for McCain-Palin.

I am hard pressed to think of another person who could actually bring a history and actual person of outside-Washington strength.

Obama-Biden are two pols, one young and inexperienced with anything besides Chicago-style corruption politics and one old and seasoned in the ways of Washington lies.

Palin has actually run something, stood up to corruption in her own party, and is in touch with ordinary Americans in ways that nobody else running this November are: she hunts and fishes, has children, including one with Down’s Syndrome (Hat Tip: Sol).

Welcome aboard Mrs. Palin.

And you know any strategist recognizes this is also about someone challenging Hillary in 4-8 years.

Absolutism And Media Pomposity

No fixed point of reference is going to do you any good unless it has two factors:

  1. It has to be seperate from you
  2. It can’t move

~Frank Peretti

Ever notice how pompous and self-aggrandizing the media is?

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet:

Barack Obama took the meaning of “secret meeting” to a different level last night, after he slipped away from the traveling press in order to meet with Hillary Clinton. While it is not uncommon for a presidential candidate and for the president to have private meetings, it is uncommon for those meetings to be as secretive and misleading as this one turned out to be.

Anybody else catch the whole “ruffled-feathers” motif here from CBS News’ Maria Gavrilovic?

Methinks a healthy case of grow-up and a round of cheese to compliment her whine are quite the perfect response.