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A Truly Great Insult

Vox Day, who I’ve linked to in the past, wrote a book responding to the rash of popular atheist diatribes printed recently.

In the The Irrational Atheist, Day employs some truly beautiful insults along with scathing rhetoric and his usual razor-sharp logic, factual analysis, and wit, to disarm, mock, and bludgeon his “Unholy Trinity” of Dawkins, Hitchens, and Dennett, as well as others.

Read Joe Carter’s 60 second review at the Evangelical Outpost, where he quotes what is quite possibly the best insult I’ve ever heard:

“I am saying that they are wrong, they are reliably, verifiably and factually incorrect. Richard Dawkins is wrong. Daniel C. Dennett is wrong. Christopher Hitchens is drunk, and he’s wrong. Michel Onfray is French, and he’s wrong. Sam Harris is so superlatively wrong that it will require the development of esoteric mathematics operating simultaneously in multiple dimensions to fully comprehend the orders of magnitude of his wrongness.”

Presidential Pardons

The Center For Individual Freedom posted this quiz:

Who are the only two U.S. Presidents to date who did not grant any pardons during their terms of office?

    George Washington and John Adams
    James Garfield and William H. Harrison
    Woodrow Wilson and Harry S. Truman
    Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton

The Answer:

Presidents James Garfield and William Henry Harrison executed not a single presidential clemency action while in office, both having died before serving even one year of their terms.

Washington and Adams granted 16 and 21, respectively; Wilson and Truman’s pardons each topped 2,000; Reagan granted 406 and Clinton, 456.

Source: University of Pittsburgh School of Law

And some people are complaining about the communtation of one sentence? Don’t get me wrong. There are no excuses for obstruction of justice and perjury, but these figures from the records of other presidents put the situation in perspective.

Bonus question:
Which President signed the most clemency actions?

Franklin D. Roosevelt signed 3687 clemency actions during his 12 years as President.