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A Good Evening’s Thought

All I need is a pipe:

Evening memories

This was yesterday evening. I was actually reading Anna Karenina, not Tolkien’s Silmarillion. But the Tolkien book was better for the picture.


Frank and Earnest, May 20th, 2009

No Goliath (or GM) is too large to fail. Large things have extreme difficulty staying on top of the market when the free market is allowed run. When they stay nimble and able to anticipate demand, it’s good. But when they fail, they must be allowed to fail.

Any harm done in the failure of massive entities is more than undone in the growth allowed in the smaller upstarts in the newly opened market


Frank and Earnest, June 1st, 2009

Hundreds of people who spend years telling us their so smart we should trust them with our money and our futures, and then they can’t balance a budget on a geographic plateau with all the money they coerced out of us.

There should always be a combative attitude between producers and takers. Tax payers should never be accepting of the amount the tax takers try and take. And when people in position to take taxes have shown they will actually not pay their taxes when it serves them not to, they ought to be thrown out.

Or kept in so people like me can make a big stink about it.