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Christians Aid Man Forsaken By Wealthy Brother

If only the papers would run this headline.

Dinesh D’Souza has started an informal charity with the purpose of raising money for George Obama, the other Obama’s poorer half brother.

While Barak cannot spare a few dollars to help his half-brother George, people with much lesser means are even now putting aside a few dollars to help a man they hardly know.

From the article:

Here are some donor comments which I’ll be forwarding to George along with the funds. “This is for the poor brother long forgotten.” “A brother is a terrible thing to waste.” “I wish I had a brother, or even a step-brother. George is not my relative and not my race or religion but I still want to contribute to his welfare.” “When Obama said that not taking care of the least of our brothers is our greatest moral failure, who knew that he was talking literally about the least of his brothers?” “I never thought I’d be writing a check to anyone named Obama, but I do want to be a true Christian and help this man in his shameful situation.” “I’d send more, but I make $9.10 per hour.” “I’m unemployed, but I can spare $5 for the Obama Compassion Fund.”

Is this mostly about politics? Yes.

Is it massively amazing PR? Yes.

Does it benefit George? Yes.

Does is embarass Barack? Yes.

Where do I sign up?