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Today’s Interesting Stuff: October 23rd, 2009

Burning KnightSexual Shamelessness

Andrew Klavan on PJTV has an excellent video skewering our culture’s libertine sexual shamelessness. Klavan tends to fall on the libertarian side of things, but I have to agree with the gist of his arguments here. After successfully lampooning Letterman and Polansky, showing them for the shameful cad and the predator they are, respectively, Klavan points out the real result of sexual shamelessness:

A world without sexual shame soon becomes a world not, unfortunately, of endless physical pleasure, but of unrestrained predators, victims without recourse, and children without hope or support.

But why read my description? See it for yourself (Caution: this does deal with mature topics and current events and uses some slight innuendo):

Why can’t we have more men in the media spotlight of the caliber of Paul Newman?

Why fool around with hamburger when you have steak at home?

Psychology and an increased understanding of human nature and design supports the fact that the best relationships, sexual or otherwise, always occur when there is the most trust. When there is not an expectation and trust in fidelity, in honest and open communication, in the primacy of this relationship before others in a natural and acceptable order of hierarchy, there cannot be true intimacy.

In other words: the more we know, the more we can trust what we’ve always known.

Experiencing wonderful intimacy inside my marriage with the wonderful and amazing Grace, I can only feel sorry for those who deceive themselves and cheat themselves out of the wonderful possibilities.

ACORNs Still Falling

ACORN claimed the reporting duo who brought the monstrous organization to it’s knees last month would never release the tape from their encounter in Philadelphia. The MSM carried their water, as usual.

And yet. And yet. And yet…

This video was not necessary for the slaying of the ACORN dragon. It was necessary for the further delegitimatizing of the MSM. ACORN is already discredited, defeated, and, short of some miraculous event, dead for all intents and purposes. But the MSM was caught with their pants down, their hands in the cookie jar, and with egg on their face in this video.

In Bill Whittle’s assessment of the original take down, he likened the assault on ACORN to a battle where the scrappy underdog takes out the monolithic giant using feints and parries to draw him into a vulnerable position, and then destroying him.

This latest video is yet another blow to an enemy already weakened and yet too full of it’s own self, too invested in it’s own lies, and too spiteful to recognize their own death knell.

See how the mighty have fallen.

In Other News

Mark Steyn points out that when Rush Limbaugh does not say something racist, he’s a racist and ought to be vilified and and run out of town on a rail, but when Anita Dunn, the President’s Media Czar, says something insane and dangerous to free people everywhere, it’s a non-story.

Rush Limbaugh’s remarks are “divisive”; Anita Dunn’s are entirely normal. But don’t worry, the new Fairness Doctrine will take care of the problem.

Read Limbaugh Bad, Mao Good.

Cal Thomas, in World Magazine writes:

The administration’s primary beef appears to be that Fox is doing the job the broadcast networks and big newspapers should be doing were they not still deeply in the tank for this president and his policies.

Read “Radio Free America”.

Neil Simpson, always a reasoned and reasonable man ready and willing to do verbal ambassadorship with those with illogical or incorrect views, is dealing with a fresh source of readers and their questions (let’s see if he picks up a hint from the choice of words above…):

The moral: Look to the reasons behind the beliefs.  If you have good reason to question the motives of the person in question, that is different.

Read this week’s Roundup.

Wintery Knight, spoiling for a good debate, points out the transcript of Hugh Hewitt’s (the best talk show host, period.) radio debate with Richard Dawkins. The good bits:

HH: Well, you repeatedly use the analogy of a detective at a crime scene throughout The Greatest Show On Earth. But detectives simply can’t dismiss evidence they don’t want to see. There’s a lot of evidence for the miracles, in terms of eyewitness…

RD: No, there isn’t. What there is, is written stories which were written decades after the alleged events were supposed to happen. No historian would take that seriously.

HH: Well, that’s why I’m conflicted, because in your book, you talk about the Latin teacher who is stymied at every turn, and yet Latin teachers routinely rely on things like Tacitus and Pliny, and histories that were written centuries after the events in which they are recording occur.

RD: There’s massive archaeological evidence, there’s massive evidence of all kinds. It’s just not comparable. No…if you talk to any ancient historian of the period, they will agree that it is not good historical evidence.

HH: Oh, that’s simply not true. Dr. Mark Roberts, double PhD and undergraduate at Harvard, has written a very persuasive book upon this. I mean, that’s an astounding statement. Are you unfamiliar with him?

RD: All right, then there may be some, but a very large number of ancient historians would say…

HH: Well, you just said there were none. So there are some that you are choosing not to confront.

RD: You sound like a lawyer.

HH: I am a lawyer.

Read Wintery Knights analysis.

16 Things

I don’t much go for memes. They remind me too much of the ubiquitous and infinitely annoying email chain surveys that destroyed so many working hours not too many years ago.

But there is now Facebook, and blogs, and so we call them memes and we do them all over again.

So I was tagged, and now, apparently I am compelled by fate and the burden of social pressure to reply in kind.


16 random and little-known things about me, eh?

1: I tried blogging several times before I started iPandora, they each lasted between 2 and 10 articles before dying of lack of new content.

2: My fascination with big words and my proclivity towards them has been with me since I was a baby. Apparently I started with “hippopotamus”, which I chewed over for a few days, and then went silent for a few weeks. They another biggie, like “umbrella”, which I tried on for size, then went silent again. Sorry folks, I just can’t help it.

3: I’ve been playing piano for 20 years, but only 4 of those have been under a teacher. My primary skill is improv and playing by ear.

4: I played Freddy Ainsfort-Hill in the Woodland Christian High School production of Pygmalion (My Fair Lady). But I was home-schooled, and by that time I was graduated. I worked with the WCHS music department and by extension the drama department and had the opportunity when there were more male parts than male actors available.

5: I used to wake up between 4 and 5am nearly every morning and read. I’d sit over the heater vent in the living room and read for hours until the rest of the family woke up. I still am a bit of a morning person.

6: My first kiss was with my wife. Her’s too.

7: I’ve been doing professional computer support, service, and repair, for 10 years.

8: I like tapioca pudding, oysters, muscles, and calamari, but I do not like avocados, eggplant, or sweet potatoes.

9: I’ve paid 130 euro for a meal of tricolor pasta (pasta with freshwater muscles in their shells) and grilled fresh Sea Bass in Venice Italy. That’s about $175 dollars US. I did not know the meal would cost that much and had to go back to my hotel to get more money to pay the restaurant. The Sea Bass was being sold by the hundred gram at 11 Euro per hundred gram. The fresh (and live) lobster would’ve been cheaper at 8 euro per hundred gram. But it was really good. 🙂

10: (this only counts for people I didn’t grow up with) My first car was a ’65 Buick LeSabre. Cherry red. White soft-top. And miles of vinyl inside. It has a small-block 350 under the hood. And I drove it up to 130mph once.

11: My brothers and I played many games growing up. And even without the assistance of our female friends next-door, we played house sometimes. We played fort sometimes, too. But we actually played house.

12: I’m a Ham (amateur) radio operator, though it’s been a while since I’ve used my radios. My call-sign is KG6CQC, Tech “no-code” license class.

13: I got my best score in Laser tag while slightly buzzed. And no, I don’t make it a habit of being slightly buzzed.

14: I’ve shaved my head a few times. First time was as I was pondering a costume for the work Halloween contest. One of my younger brothers noted I should try a new hairstyle. I went as Mr. Clean. My head was cold for a while.

15: I like chick flicks. A friend and I went out to see Superman at the theatre. We saw Lake House posters and my friend noted she’d seen a preview for it. Our plans were originally to take a third friend and see Superman, and so we chose Lake House instead of Superman for that evenings entertainment. We never did get around to watching Superman at the theatre, and I didn’t really enjoy it when I did see it. Oh, and Pride and Prejudice, the A&C/BBC 5 hour version, is one of my favorite movies.

16: My wife and I enjoy playing Mario Cart Double Dash on our Gamecube, and recently found we both enjoy Burnout.