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“..We Mutually Pledge To Each Other…”

“…our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

This from the Evergreen Freedom Foundation. Our own twistedlogic helped with production.

Reflect on those who have given their lives, fortunes, and their sacred honor to set this nation on its course.

Beseech the Almighty God to continue to direct this nation in the way it should go.

Search within ourselves for that last full measure of devotion to the cause of this nation.

Purpose to do nothing less than our utmost to ensure that this nation returns to her good ways and continues to shine as the greatest nation on God’s green earth.

God bless America!

Asking Too Much

Over at the Evergreen Freedom Foundation blog, Lynn Harsh presents a reasonable argument which will be dismissed as all the others which come against the entrenched and combined strength of the public education establishment and the teachers unions.

What is so difficult to see and understand regarding the benefits that competition would bring to education.

Is it that difficult to see that on average private schools can do and have done more with significantly less money than the public schools?

Is it hard to stomach that the system is broken, and that pouring more money into it is NOT the solution?

Yes it is. Because it is lust for power that drives bureaucracies and unions, fueling and feeding their insatiable appetites. Power is as blinding as it is grasping.

NEA And WEA In The Hot Seat

A good friend of mine works for the Evergreen Freedom Foundation in the State of Washington, researching the NEA (National Education Association) and the WEA (Washington Education Association) primarily but also several other state educators unions. He chronicles the abuses these trade unions have perpetrated against the teachers they represent and, directly or indirectly, the students taught by their members. His research has grown into a full-fledged lawsuit against the unions, which, after hearings in lower courts was appealed all the way up to the US Supreme Court. The case was heard by the Supreme Court in January and they are now waiting for the ruling to come down sometime in the next few months.You can stay abreast of the latest news on this case, the surrounding issues, and the teachers involved on this blog site.