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How Many Democrat Leaders Pay Taxes?

Forgetting that Mr Daschle spent his time outside of the Senate in a legal gray area of “not really a lobbyist”, his name has been added to the list of those who had to pay back taxes to correct mistakes in their filings from the last several years.

Is this an epidemic or what?

Geitner couldn’t do his taxes right, the Governor of New Mexico is being investigated for corruption, Daschle couldn’t figure out TurboTax apparently.

I think this is fair reason to investigate each and every Democrat leader inside Washington and out to make sure they’re paying taxes.

Let’s make sure they’re paying before any of them get to vote to require us to pay anything more than we already are.

Daschle “deeply embarassed’ over tax issues – CNN – “Deeply embarassed” he got caught and it may cause a second glance before they allow him to run a huge and hugely pointless bureaucracy. If he can’t figure out TurboTax or how to call H&R Block, how do we expect him to run HHS?

Daschle apologizes for income tax err0rs – Washington Post – When I apologize for stuff like that, it’s while I’m on my way to jail. Don’t we operate under the rule of law?

And some complimentary nosing around into the grey area of “not really lobbying” that kept Daschle busy (and making unreported earnings) while he waited for his next gravy train.

I say kick them all out and force President Obama to bring in some truly qualified people. I don’t have to agree with them, I just have to be able to trust them.