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For The Love Of Power

Peanuts Comic: April 5th 1961

Political Power, unlike money, is a zero sum game.

In order for one to gain and consolidate more of it, another must lose it through neglect and carelessness or bitter struggle.

At the same time, power is not necessarily directly correlated with size. A large organization can run fluidly and freely given good leadership and skilled and involved members. A power-grabbing entity does tend to bloat with those drawn to power and the ease of corruption.

It is not size that corrupts, but immoral people.

The presidential race should give us each an opportunity to see honestly and completely the morals, ethics, and skills of those who would lead us but which instead tends to show us carefully scripted appearances controlled by any number of variously corrupt entities.

The candidates themselves try to control their images. None of them have nothing to hide, and therefore, they dodge and obfuscate.

The media, with it’s control over what is shown in living rooms across the world, has a powerful ability to shape the discourse. If it doesn’t show up on the nightly news, it didn’t happen.

Charles Kessler, in a speech before Hillsdale College summarized in In Primis, speaks to the difference between size and power, and how size and corruption are not necessarily related.

Juan Gonzalez, in the New York Daily News, tells the sordid tale of pork and corruption which has birthed an amazingly idiotic tax hike in downtown New York:

No one could recall such a naked combination of arm-twisting and pork-barrel handouts to pressure City Council members to approve the huge tax increase known as congestion pricing.

The real problem is always complex and deep, but a significant part of the root is that we, the people, don’t really care.

Like Charlie Brown’s baseball team, we don’t want to be held accountable for our government. We pass the buck to the elected officials, who pass the buck on and on.

If we and a larger percentage of the population of America took responsibility for our government, there would not be a problem of usurpation of power and conglomeration of authority.

An aware and concerned citizenry is a powerful citizenry and the bane of corrupt politics everywhere.

Congestion: Hell On Wheels – Part II

Drew Carey has some ideas on how to improve transportation. One of them includes naming a freeway after himself. How? Just buy it.

Reason.tv host Drew Carey examines the costs and consequences of traffic jams and explores several solutions that can get our roads moving. How does a speedy trip on the “Drew Carey Freeway” sound? Plus, one lucky commuter gets a helicopter ride to work, courtesy of Drew.

So if we go. Click here to watch

Along a similar veign… 

While roads and the highway system will never be completely privatized, what will become of gas tax receipts? The taxes were levied to pay for road maintenance and construction. Today, they are increasingly used to supplement non-transportation projects such as health care, welfare, etc.

When the burden of road maintenance and construction on public entities are reduced, are drivers going to apathetically acquiesce to the diversion of transportation dollars to non-transportation causes simply because gas taxes have always been charged?

Of course, it could be a non-issue because we might all have electric vehicles by that time. Not likely though.

Congestion: Hell On Wheels – Part I

This article was posted by twisted1ogic a few days ago, but we were having difficulty getting the video to work. We’ve fixed it now and I’ve bumped it up.

Is there any hope to the increasing congestion that plagues so many of us? Is congestion a weapon in the hand of progressives to push commuters from the suburbs into high-density housing communities centered around mass transit venues.

I’m not into the conspiracy theories, but read about Washington state’s Sound Transit, a monolithic monster of a light rail program that is a decade behind schedule and asking for a tax increase to pay for cost overruns, $10 billion of them. That’s a “1” with ten “0” behind it… a lot of overrun.

Some people like the idea of the rail, but others have the impression it is going down. One columnist asks:

If we really want to encourage a significant increase in public transportation usage, why would anybody in their right mind spend tens of billions on a light rail system that only has 12 stops, when we can expand a bus system that already has 9,141 stops and can serve many, many more people for a fraction of the price?


Some news personalities are going to vote for it because they think it looks pretty. But what else should we expect when reducing congestion is not a priority for the state’s transportation department. Anything could look pretty to the poor souls sucking car fumes in multiple-hour commutes.

Making Purple

I’m sick. I tried making it through the day at work, but the congestion and the sore throat and everything else prevented me from focusing and providing good service, so I came home to rest after about 4 hours trying. Now I need to write for my blog, and I don’t have the energy to develop a topic from beginning to end, so instead, I’ll do something I’ve been planning to do for a little bit: I’ll tell y’all about myself and my life a little more.

I work in computers, currently at a help desk for a major international corporation. It’s a good job for a good company. I’ve always had an aptitude for computers and their workings and find great enjoyment in assisting people without such an aptitude in dealing with their computer problems, so this is a good job for me.

I’m a Californian by birth, and live in the Chicago area now by choice. I do miss California, both the people and the place. But I know this is where I am to be right now, and there are many good people in my life out here (and Chicago is a beautiful city).

Christ is important in my life. As the only true Savior of the entire world, offering His payment in place of our punishment, I have accepted His forgiveness for my sins: past, present, and future. My life is His for the directing and molding.

And there’s a woman in my life…

I invest a lot in people: I’m extroverted, almost to a fault. And so imagine my joy when a beautiful young lady accepts my request to court her and now cares about me in much the same way that I care about her. It is an amazing feeling, as those who have been there before and are there now can attest. Someone who has friends and a life and goals and everything else, but still chooses to spend time with me and to share life with me as I am sharing life with her. It is an amazing thing.

So yea, I’m seriously twitterpated, and all is well.

Now if only this sinus infection would clear up…