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“Smiling All The Way To Hell”

This morning in chapel at the small Christian College I attend, the speaker made several statements which I found very interesting and thought-provoking:

“I heard about a man who was accused of scaring people into heaven. I asked him about this recently and he said, ‘When my children were little, I scared them from touching a hot stove or from poking something into a plug outlet… I don’t think it’s a bad thing to scare people sometimes.’

“Now, I don’t know if I believe that that is right, it’s certainly not friendship evangelism. However, there are many people in America smiling all the way to hell. I don’t think it’s wrong, with a person you have talked to several times, to warn them about what they will face.”

“Sin is shown as being happy, go your way, suffer no consequences, etc. – and it’s not wrong to bring some sobriety into the situation.”

I have to say this wasn’t something I’d considered before.

What do you think?