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A Note On Commentor’s Links

I’ve noticed an uptick lately in spam Akismet and IntenseDebate are not catching, but not approving either. Some of the comments appear legit, as in they are written by a real human for this specific post, but the websites included by the commentors are selling things not related to their comment.

So here’s a new policy: If your link is spammy, I delete your link. If you comment is spammy, I delete your comment and flag it as spam. If your link and your comment are spammy… what do you think this is? A democracy?

I’ll leave your comment if it applies to the post, just because I feel lonely sometimes out here in my little corner of cyberspace without people commenting. But I reserve the right to delete your link and change your name to Jane Doe or John Doe, as the situation is appropriate. Or Robby the Robot if it’s difficult to tell.

So you’re desperate, but I’m desperate too. Only difference, I’ve got the power here on I, Pandora, and you don’t.