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Class Warfare?

Are the rich the enemy?

Two articles stuck out to me this morning as I perused all the news and views Google feels fit to display, one about Disneyland and the other more, um, obvious.

Frank Rich in the New York Times spends a plethora of paragraphs going on about how the up by the bootstraps mentality of America is under attack and in serious danger of slipping completely away. And according to Mr. Rich a particular group of people at primarily to blame. But you don’t get to find out the villains until the very end and for most of the article you get the idea Mr. Rich is simply in a mood for memories in “Who Killed The Disneyland Dream“.

CNN took a slightly different tack starting with their headline “Gap Between Rich And Middle Class Grows: The Rich Are Much Richer Than You And Me“. You pretty much get the drift of the author, Chris Isidore’s, point just from that lead.

I get that Messrs. Rich and Isidore are jealous and that they are not above using their positions of penned power to shoot barbs at their favorite enemies. But I was a bit more interested in the timing.

Wasn’t it just two weeks ago we were hearing ad nauseum about tax breaks for the rich? Weren’t many in Washington pushing to shaft the rich with significant tax increases (pushing to extend current tax policy when the alternative is that taxes would increase doesn’t count as a “cut”, it’s the status quo)?

Methinks Isidore and Rich are sore losers who, recognizing the new powers in Washington D.C. are less friendly to their preferred Robin Hood methods of taxation, are intent on stirring up the waters of class envy and economic strife against those who, ironically, are the ones most capable of getting us out of this mess their pals greatly assisted in getting us into.

Not that “the rich” are saints. But many of “the rich” Washington wants to rob are the small business owners that make up the vast majority of the economic muscle of the US of A. And to take from them is to take our jobs and our future.

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They Want What We Got

With the Tea Parties pulling together nearly a million people on a work day, CNN and it’s sycophants quick to say all those involved were part of the evil Fox empire and in it for perverse sexual acts.

Well, perhaps the tables ought to be turned and those fingering their ears and shouting “LA LA LA” ought to be set straight for the repressed, frustrated losers they are.

I would posit that in a Freudian sense, those say “teabag” the loudest are green with jealousy over the great sex traditionalists and conservatives have.

While the the CNN anchors, HuffPosers and Kosians have to spend big money at the bar to find some faked up, overly made-up lady or well dressed noncommittal man to spend at best a few hours of awkward, unromantic, uncommitted and totally unworthwhile sweat making between some foreign sheets. Those normal Americans got back from their day at the tea parties, and made passionate, loving, committed, and wonderful love with their spouse who will stay with them their whole lives.

While the true teabaggers are stuck starting from square one with each new partner, we’re piercing the outer reaches of the cosmos of passionate possibility with our spouse for life.

Beat that!