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A New Father’s Prayer

I pray for you my son tonightFather protecting child
that you always walk in God’s light

That your young ears will listen well
as of Christ’s blessed hope I tell

and weave His story through all life
to you, young son of my dear wife.

I pray for you my son tonight,
God’s protection and His keen sight.

Your young eyes will see of God’s love,
your fresh heart will give thanks above,

Your small hands will lift up in praise,
and all your life it’s song will raise,

To God above it’s notes so clear,
that none below can help but hear.

I pray for you my son tonight,
that you always walk in God’s light.

Daddy Contemplations

Now that the cat is out of the bag (or the kid out of the, um… yea), I can admit that contemplating fatherhood has me scared stiff.

Well, not really, but in a manner of speaking.

It is one thing to say the words “I’m not ready for fatherhood” in much the same way I said “I’m not ready for marriage” and quite another thing to actually mean it or grasp the idea that there will be a helpless little baby needing my wife and my care for it’s every need. Then growing and growing, becoming more independent and self-willed, maturing and growing older, learning and absorbing, and then leaving.

And God has tasked me with the primary responsibility for the childs spiritual growth and nuturing. My wife and I for teaching the child and loving them and providing stability and security such as we can while allowing freedom and experiences to broaden the childs horizons and abilities.

I haven’t the slightest clue…

If you’re a parent: What is one thing that you are glad you did and one thing you regret or wish you’d not done? And why?

Everybody is a child of someone: What is something you are glad your parents did and one thing you wish they hadn’t? And why?