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The passing of an Icon? Really?

Senator Kennedy has died . . . and all I can say is what a relief for the country.

Sure, he is being labeled as one of the best Senators at working across the isle. Sure he is being called an advocate of the poor and needy (Do they really need another advocate? What about an advocate for the middle class?), but does any of that really overshadow his moral bankruptcy and the political corruption that some called “savvy”?

If I might remind you, Senator Kennedy “forgot” to tell authorities that he was driving the car when it fell off the bridge with a girl inside (Anyone remember the bumper stickers that said “My guns has killed less people that Senator Kennedy’s car”?), he screwed intern in the back of restaurants, and most recently he called for the rules regarding his replacement be changed . . . after he had changed them to their current standard in 2005.

Yes, Senator Kennedy did so, so, so much to help the poor and needy? But did he do it for them, or to secure his political future (the vote)? Yes, Senator Kennedy did so much good, but did he ever resolve that he was a lying perverted cheat who was charged with manslaughter?

Actually, even though I believe that he should have been disqualified for public office, he doesn’t have to resolve the lying perverting cheater part with us . . . he is now before a much larger judge . . . with a case that I am afraid he will lose.

So, now we are approached with the “icon” label . . . but is he an icon to the Kopechne family . . . among others (read about the rape incidents by his nephew that took place at his home). What really makes Senator Kennedy an icon? Fighting the war in Iraq so that millions of people could remain in a¬†tyrannical dictatorship, being unable to do his job but refusing to resign, changing laws to fit his political needs?

Wait, I think I may have to recant my statement. Let us label Senator Kennedy as an icon. Let us proclaim his as the leader, the head, the top gun. That is right, Senator Kennedy is iconic of our legislative system and our representatives (not all of them, just too many of them).

I will let Senator Kennedy be an icon, he just will not be my icon. He will not represent me. He has his place in our history . . . but his story ends there. His only legacy is one echoed by corruption in Washington, by tears in Chappaquiddick, and the groans of the middle class.