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Absolutism And Media Pomposity

No fixed point of reference is going to do you any good unless it has two factors:

  1. It has to be seperate from you
  2. It can’t move

~Frank Peretti

Ever notice how pompous and self-aggrandizing the media is?

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet:

Barack Obama took the meaning of “secret meeting” to a different level last night, after he slipped away from the traveling press in order to meet with Hillary Clinton. While it is not uncommon for a presidential candidate and for the president to have private meetings, it is uncommon for those meetings to be as secretive and misleading as this one turned out to be.

Anybody else catch the whole “ruffled-feathers” motif here from CBS News’ Maria Gavrilovic?

Methinks a healthy case of grow-up and a round of cheese to compliment her whine are quite the perfect response.