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Braying Fools: Chuck Hagel

Senator Chuck Hagel, Republican from Nebraska has lent his voice to the chorus of braying fools. Suggesting that President Bush could be facing impeachment hearings regarding his continuation of the War in Iraq.

Message to Mr. Hagel: President Bush doesn’t listen to opinion polls or focus groups generally. Unlike former President Clinton, the only poll which has matted to him are the two polls that elected him in 2000 and 2004. We elect leaders to lead, not second guess and waffle. A man with a plan is a true man. You are a whining, sniveling, craven and cowardly braying fool, Mr. Hagel. You are not a man. You Mr. Hagel are not presidential material now, nor will you likely ever be. And you are a shame to those in Nebraska who elected you.

Braying Fools

Senator John Cornyn of Texas, Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, and Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon, all Republicans, are the latest to join the ranks of the Braying Fools.

Cornyn was quoted in the Houston Chronicle March 19th saying: “I’ve told the attorney general that I think this has been mishandled, that by giving inaccurate information … at the outset, it’s caused a real firestorm, and he better get the facts out fast.”

In response to a comment regarding having Harriet Miers (yes, THAT Harriet Miers) and Karl Rove testify under oath, Specter said: “I want to see exactly what the White House response is. Maybe the White House will come back and say, ‘We’ll permit them to be interviewed and we’ll give them all the records.'”

In all fairness, there are only a few Republicans calling for ‘accountability’ from the administration regarding this issue. While the vast majority of Democrat lawmakers and liberal pundits keep their illegal-immigrant-powered cleaning services busy mopping up their drool while they continue to make these falacious and immoral claims, attempting to stir up controversy because they are completely unable to come up with new and helpful ideas of their own on any issue. Maybe I’ll start a regular column about ideologically stupid people who populate the other side of the isle. It’s not like there’s any lack of them, so it would be easy to write. 🙂

Other articles in the Houston Chronicle on Braying Fools:

March Of The Braying Fools

Republican Senator John Sununu of New Hampshire joined the list of braying fools standing on the moral wrong and calling for the removal of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. Whether we think that Gonzalez is good for the job or not, he has done nothing wrong.

Reported 03-09 in the San Francisco Chronicle

John McCain takes what I’m sure he believes is a ‘principled, moderate’ approach. He doesn’t think Gonzalez should be forced out, but that he should be given time to make his case. What case? What was done wrong? What is wrong with these people? McCain is pandering again, and he wants to win the election.

Reported on WOI-TV, Alton Iowa

Perhaps the best criticism I’ve heard of President Bush is that he works too hard to “reach out” to those who don’t agree with him. To an extent this is good to do, but to the detriment of his own party and beliefs and other supporters? We don’t want 4 more years of Bush even if it were possible, and McCain will be 4 more.

Slap The Braying Fools

Mike Gallagher, talk show host and townhall.com columnist agrees with me.

Shame On The Braying Fools

The war is here, the lines are drawn, there are no innocents.

Why this furor over the firing of several federal prosecutors? There is no scandal, there is no wrong done, there is NO reason for any of this noise created by the braying fools wallowing in their moments before the media cyclops that has any merit.

The Democrat party, liberals, and malcontents alike are seeking only their own shameful self-promotion. Shameful for the malicious damage caused by lies and lying liars, false horror and fake outrage.

The facts are that all federal prosecutors, save one, were fired by President Clinton at the beginning of his term, and there is NOTHING wrong with that. The federal prosecutors serve at the pleasure of the president, and it is normal and regular for them to be replaced at the beginning of a new presidency. President Bush let all of them stay until recently, not to make him to be any more ‘merciful’ than President Clinton, he apparently just did not see any problem with their actions to this point.

Shame on you, you braying fools pandering to your power, selling your souls on the altar of 4 more years. Shame on you, you unwashed masses for listening and absorbing and believing and finding in yourself a manufactured outrage with no point or purpose. Shame on you, you knowing yet quiet people who know the truth and yet do not shout it out from the roof tops, engaging those huddled masses seeking a leader in these leaderless times, causing the truthful outrage to broil and grow until it blows away the braying fools who lead so much in Washington and control too much power.