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Governor Jindal Cancels Thieve’s Benefit Cards

Remember this?

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal does and he’s ordered that those who participated in the fraud should have their benefits cards canceled for a year, the standard first-time fraud discipline period.

There is a process to appeal this ruling if individual SNAP recipients do not feel they deserve the punishment, which is good. Each case can and will be looked at to verify guilt.

Walmart-food-stamps-frenzy-caused-by-printing-glitchThis is a very good thing and more than I could have hoped for when I first heard of this mass theft. Do I hate people who need benefits like this? Do I have their children? No, not at all. But there are a few things you must keep in mind:

  • These are benefits, not wages. Those who receive them do not deserve them, are not owed anything to begin with, and receive them only at the charity and goodness of those who give them (leaving out the issues of taxation and wealth-redistribution/theft).
  • Those who participated in this fraud have shown they do not value the hard work of others necessary to make these benefits available to them. This includes the tax payers whose money is taken to pay for the programs, and the government and charity agencies which get the benefit cards to the people who have them.
  • The immoral actions of the adults who chose to act in a lawless manner and commit theft and fraud are the issue. It is those adults who hate their children, who did not consider what their real needs were, who thought only of what they could get and take and have for themselves without paying, even though they weren’t paying for anything on their cards before.

From the article:

As always, it’s the children who will really pay the price for the irresponsible actions of their parents. Through greed, dishonesty, and an entitlement mentality, these folks have just created their own SHTF event.

FYI: IMHO Palin No Dummy

The demonization of Sarah Palin post-election loss is spurred by two things:

  1. People who have believed the media mischaracterizations and lies regarding her. How many have read the uncut transcripts of her interviews and seen how much they differ from the aired versions? If I were a judge I’d consider that serious grounds for libel, slander, and defamation.
  2. People who think that muderate political vision (intentional, anyone remember BC comics that far back?) combined with a weak message and campaign are not to blame for failure in the face of such an alternative as we had this election.

Just sayin’.

I don’t know the future, but from where I stand I’ll be very ready to welcome Sarah back in 4 years. Lets start the Jindal/Palin train right here.

Duh!?! And Other Interesting Stuff

First, the Duh!

Gay men get HIV, and they’re getting it faster. 12% faster, says a new CDC report.

And of course, to remind those hotheads whose brains have boiled out: HIV is the disease the US Government released in Africa to desimate the black population.

The rest of us know it’s transmitted by homosexual relations between men. And that it’s not bias or bigotry that caused it, but pride, willful ignorance, and the natural result of an unnatural act.

Now the Interesting Stuff

Investor’s Business Daily reports that an architect the the Canadian socialized health-care system, that one we hear is so incredible and worthy of emulation from the leftist socialist running for POTUS, has had a change of heart:

“We thought we could resolve the system’s problems by rationing services or injecting massive amounts of new money into it,” says (Claude) Castonguay. But now he prescribes a radical overhaul: “We are proposing to give a greater role to the private sector so that people can exercise freedom of choice.”

Counteracting the tales of woe and terror which are peppering the debate south of our northern border, the IBD tells a tale of truth which ought to give those considering the proposed socialized utopia pause:

Sick with ovarian cancer, Sylvia de Vires, an Ontario woman afflicted with a 13-inch, fluid-filled tumor weighing 40 pounds, was unable to get timely care in Canada. She crossed the American border to Pontiac, Mich., where a surgeon removed the tumor, estimating she could not have lived longer than a few weeks more.

Because she’s a woman, and it’s her ovaries, it’s a real tear-jerker.

No, the point is that the capitalistic, profit-based system provides better care to a greater number of people with two primary reasons:

  1. The costs cause people to evaluate themselves whether they really need that procedure, freeing the system from a glut of unnecessary and frivolous procedures.
  2. Those same costs entice more skilled labor and research and development into medical/technological advances, enhancing quality and quantity of available care.

Read more at IBD.

Republican ‘”Obama”, Only With History And Substance’ Jindal takes the hard line

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who has actually accomplished things in his life, was outraged over the Supreme Court’s liberal judges finding the death penalty is not applicable or valid for use in extreme cases of child rape, so he signed a bill allowing chemical castration in certain specific cases of rape and sexual abuse.

Sponsored by Democrat Senator Nick Gautreaux of Meaux, LA, arguments surrounding the bill were mostly on scope and effect, rather than validity and right.

It sounds like, unlike the members state houses in many of the states, the members of the Louisiana State House are a group who actually have backbones connected to their brains.