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I’m From The Government And…

Run away!

Vowing to “reverse the overall erosion in middle class security” President Obama is trying to reconnect with us poor plebes left out in the cold with all this uncertainty.

Probably because he’s had his pants handed to him more often than he’s done the handing this year, and mostly because of massive levels of policy-specific disapproval in the middle class, he’s trying to make good enough to not have it handed to him again in upcoming elections.

His pet projects to engender warm fuzzies in my quivering breast (Ok, that sounded a little weird): use my money to pay for every other poor schmucks child care, retirement, student loans, and elderly parents.

In other words, if you’re living outside your means such that you need more than one parent can make, if your primary retirement plan is to play the lottery, if you’re attending a college you can’t afford, and if your parents had the same problems, you get my money to square your books.

Yup. I’ve got all kinds of warm fuzzies here for you, Mr. President.

This is what’s called a buy out. President Roosevelt (Franklin Delano, to be exact) was master at this, pitting party against party, class against class.

The problem here is that I’m middle class and I’m not going to be taking advantage of any of these programs, which means, by default, I’ll be getting taken advantage of.

See where all these warm fuzzies are coming from? They’re certainly not Tribbles.

Here’s my (unsolicited) suggestions, Mr. President. Back off. Stay away. Shut my pocket book. Quit meddling.

Why don’t I like being meddled with?

People don’t like to be meddled with.
We tell them what to do, what to think.
Don’t run, don’t walk.
We’re in their homes and in their heads and we haven’t the right.
We’re meddlesome.

Line 4 there folks, “we haven’t the right” (Thanks to River Tam and Serenity for the above wisdom).

I’m most comfortable when I’m left alone (by the government) to do as I ought. That is an important distinction from doing as I like. The government does have responsibility to constrain those who do as they like to the detriment of those who haven’t liked what was done to them. Government has no right to do as they like to those who’d rather be left to do as they ought.

Thankfully, I don’t believe Mr. President, for all his awesome rhetorical ability, is former President Clinton. He’ll not be able to communicate this program in any way that will make it appear less than it is to those who care.

President Clinton actually changed his policies when he say how the chips fell against him. He became downright conservative in his fiscal policies and beguiled enough to remain in power.

President Obama has too much blood in the game, is too invested in his Marxist ideology to change his policies, and so he is left only to dress them up. Which is something he can only do to himself with any success.

The New York Times highlights, of course, that this is nowhere near the levels of rainbows and unicorns promised during the campaign:

Mr. Biden rejected criticism that the proposals Mr. Obama was unveiling were relatively small-bore compared with the vast and sweeping measures he pushed during his first year in office. “They’re big-deal things if you’re just able to give some respite for a husband and wife, both working, to give a little bit of help,” Mr. Biden said.

So no one is happy with President Obama now.


Oh, and don’t even get me started on how he’s concerned about the middle class. What about the lower class? What about the upper class? Aren’t they all American’s too? The middle class must be the biggest, most homogeneous voting bloc.

No Vacuum Here

Heh, I had to look up whether it was “vaccum” or “vacuum”… maybe it was “vaccuum”…

Driving home with my wife Wednesday evening, we were discussing political parties and issue importance. While both of us tend to side with the Republican party in our voting, we’ve both supported Democrat candidates at times when they were superior to the Republicans running. However, for me at least, those tended to be local candidates.

Given the current over-all state of American politics, the reason it will take a serious set of circumstances for me to vote for a Democrat, no matter how conservative, in a national election, is that the Democrat party as a whole, a generality, and a unit, supports immoral, unethical, and evil policies which figuratively and literally destroy individuals for the sake of a false ideal of innate human goodness and the hidden goal of concentrated totalitarian power.

While individually there are Democrats who espouse beliefs closer to mine (such as the so-called “Blue-Dog Democrats”) than those of some Republicans, the Democrat party requires loyalty of its members to a set of guidelines which include policies such as Abortion on demand, socialist welfare programs, income redistribution, to name a few.

Conversely, the Republican party platform has strong positions protecting the unborn and extending true human dignity in that way, minimizing socialist welfare programs, lowering taxes to allow me to choose how and where to spend my money.

Even if the individual person may be ideologically closer to my viewpoint than their opponent, the (D) following their name means they must follow at times their party calls. (Exception being Leiberman, the only man with cojones in his Party)

This is one more reason that in elections for national office, I do not foresee myself ever supporting a Democrat.

And if you’re sitting this one out: you’re wrong. With this election our choices are not obscure or difficult. There is the Socialist with the Liar at his side. And while McCain is no shining knight, he’s strong on foreign affairs, national security, and has been trumpeting for changes which would have averted this financial mess for years. And he showed he recognizes the validity of the Conservative position in his choice of Palin.

To sit out is to give up.

I don’t give up.