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Already Too Late?

Obama is now saying this recession could last for years, will cause double digit unemployment, and cause $1 Trillion drop in GDP.

In other words, his policies and “stimulus” will not work.

Big surprise.

But since the liberal mindset cares more about “doing something” and accomplishing anything, he will not be criticized by any of his own.

He’s lowering the expectations of his adoring fans so when they are clustered around the trash fire in the garbage can on the street corner 4 years from now wondering why Obama did not pay their mortgage, he’ll be able to justify himself.

And all this suffering AFTER he’s taken and spent a bloated “aid package” worth of our money.

However you look at it though, his election was a breakthrough to all the old Democrats who couldn’t stand the sight of a black person anywhere but bending in front of a shoe shine stand:

The consensus… is that Obama’s election at least shows that race barely matters to most people when they pick a leader. In the vanguard of that change are people under 40. They grew up in an America where people of color were routinely part of daily life – at schools and shops, and at sporting and social events.