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Musician Or Pedophile?

Yesterday I gave my thoughts on the death of Michael Jackson.

True to form, shortly after posting that article I thought of a simple argument that sums up what I spent paragraphs attempting to explain yesterday.

If a pedophile made music, we’d not consider him great for his music.

Music is amoral: it is not necessarily moral or immoral.

Pedophilia, however, is immoral. It is wrong in any and every situation to sexually abuse or misuse children.

If Charles Manson were a skilled artist, we would not celebrate his life and art when he died.

If the Una-bomber were an amazing trapeze artist, we’d not be celebrating his life and art when he died.

Just as we would not celebrate the life of a pedophile who wrote music, no matter how great his music, we ought not celebrate the life of a musician who was an unrepentant pedophile.

We ought to grieve that he failed to accept the redemptive work of Christ in his heart.

We ought to feel shame that we participated in the culture that deified him and protected him from the consequences of his actions in the illusory bubble of stardom.

But we cannot celebrate him.

To the extent we celebrate his life, we show our willingness to accept the unacceptable, and allow the unconscionable.