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It Isn’t Porn: :Villain Lawyer Smears Judge

From the decrepit pages of the LA Times comes a story of prurient interest.

In an obscenity case trying whether the “art” films of a pornographer and fetishist qualify as criminally obscene (they feature explicitly sexual bestiality and other extremely demeaning and disgusting forms of sexual perversion), the defense attorney Cyrus Sanai has called into question the presiding judges ability to preside over the case due to potential conflict of interest.

Citing the judge’s own “website” as the source of conflict and stating that said website contained sexually explicit images and others of disgusting fetishism, Cyrus has started a potentially ruining fire storm against this judge.

However, as is often the case, the story presented to us by the media is not the whole story.

Cyrus is a bad guy.

But then again, in this enlightened post-modern era of moral relativism, he is for his own good serving his own absolute deity: himself. And who can gainsay that?

Cyrus is a significant (spoken in the statistical sense) part of the 99% of lawyers who give the rest of them a bad name. His actions speak very loudly indeed.

Reading his actions we see he has no concern for integrity or honesty or recognizing actual and glaring conflict of interest when it does not benefit him.

Read these long articles to see how he and the judge he is currently smearing have tangled before (nemesis?): The Kozinski Challenge

So they’ve tangled before, and with multiple judges up and down the west coast commenting how the Lawyer Sanai is an unscrupulous and conniving villain of the court room, tying up justice hand and foot, hounding judges into recusion, and generally making a joke of the judicial system of America (not that the 9th Circuit Court has not done a lot of that itself without his help), it is little wonder Cyrus Sanai is coming back after Kozinski.

Kozinski’s wife sets forth the facts of the case from her perspective.

And that video she mentions about the man running around the field in his underwear while a donkey chases him? It was an underwear ad that played on public TV not too many year ago. It was hilarious.

Really, Scott Glover ought to be slapped, then sucker punched. The LA Times And Sanai ought to be… well, I’ll leave that up to you.

And Kazinski ought to find a different job. What he did was assume the decency of people when in his position he ought to have known better than most how ugly people can be, even the “good” ones. He deployed a technologically complex system without sufficient effort to set up even the most basic of security or authentication. And the media, while not nearly the level of smut one would assume based on the opportunistic germ Mr. Glover’s description, indicate an interest in prurient humor beyond what we expect from a solemn justice of our legal system.

Yes, the expectations for judges are different. Alex may be a brilliant mind and may be the victim of bitter jealousy and malice and yes, evil. But we expect more, and to preserve the respect of the bench he has served, he ought to recognize his best course of action is to step down.

His wife has some good arguments to make in his defense:

Mr. Frey:

My name is Marcy Tiffany. I have been married to Alex Kozinski for over thirty years and we have raised three sons together. First, let me thank you for making the effort to discover the truth about what happened, and for giving me an opportunity to respond to the stories that have been circulating about Alex.

Turning to the facts of the matter, the LA Times story, authored by Scott Glover, is riddled with half-truths, gross mischaracterizations and outright lies…

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