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Why Does It Matter?

photo-4Why do I pick on people like the Miss Havisham family, excoriate the misinformed life-form on Medved, indict the frantic yuppies fearful of every nut’s shadow, or judge the juvenile respondents of the Network World poll?

Because every action we take, each response we make, and every choice is informed by our worldview.

Contrary to what many people think, there are absolute truths. It’s not an imbecilic or juvenile response to say that the statement “there are no absolute truths” is self-negating and therefore incompatible with any form of reality known or knowable to any sentient being of any kind. It does not require a deep explanation or understanding of complex semantics. “No” is an absolute, there’s no arguing that.

Following proof of absolute truth is the fact that somethings are correct or right, and other things are incorrect, or wrong. Because there is absolute truth, the belief there are no absolutes is wrong. Simple. Anybody can do philosophy, trust me. Anybody who says otherwise has an inflated view of themselves and is lying, and wrong, all at the same time.

Belief in relativism is not the only incorrect idea we encounter either. The cosmos is full of wrong ideas. In fact, wrong ideas, simply because there can be so many more of them than right ideas, taken together are generally much more popular than right ideas.

I don’t claim to have a complete grasp of what’s right, and in fact I believe most people live their lives somewhere along the fence between right and the many possible wrongs. Sometimes dabbling in right but more often swimming in wrong.

People are too often convinced by the wrong and deceived into incorrect thinking, and the best way to warn others off is to point out the wrong when we see it.

I mount my soap box to show wrong where I see it in hopes that those in the wrong and others observing the situation will hopefully see the err and avoid it themselves.

The truth will win out in the end, but it benefits when we grandstand on it’s behalf.